VA6MPM, VE6FPV: “SOTA and POTA while Traveling Abroad” at Sci-Tech ARS Hybrid Meeting, July 18, 2023

New England Sci Tech logoTuesday, July 18 at 7 PM: “SOTA and POTA while Traveling Abroad” by Paul Mower, VA6MPM and Peter Shmerko, VE6FPV.

Description: Traveling abroad is a great way to explore new and unique destinations as well as to embrace different cultures. As an amateur radio operator, traveling abroad can become much more interesting. Paul and Peter will share their experiences and techniques after operating SOTA abroad in Japan and Switzerland, respectively. They will also provide advice on what they recommend preparing before travelling, since certain countries require intricate procedures before they allow you to operate. Furthermore, Peter will conclude the presentation with an introduction and brief overview of his team’s CubeSat project (CalgaryToSpace) at the University of Calgary.

Bio for Peter VE6FPV: Peter started flying radio-controlled model aircraft at the age of 12 and started to develop an interest in first-person-view (FPV) and long range aerial systems. This prompted him to get his Basic amateur radio license to operate model aircraft on UHF radio systems. After joining the CalgaryToSpace CubeSat team in 2021 as the radio-communications lead, he received his Advanced amateur radio license to start developing the CubeSat’s ground station. Lacking a home station, Peter became curious about SOTA since it could combine his interests of amateur radio and mountaineering. Peter has been an active SOTA operator since 2022.

Bio for Paul VA6MPM: Paul’s interest in radio began while growing up in Kenya, listening to the BBC on a shortwave radio. However, the desire to become a licensed HAM came with the necessity to communicate from the remote backcountry hut network operated by the Alpine Club of Canada. From a very young age, mountaineering pursuits have been a large part of Paul’s life. Living in North America, Africa and Asia created a curiosity about mountain culture in various parts of the world. Traveling and operating SOTA has become one of the most rewarding aspects of the hobby for Paul.

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