Region One ARDF International Class Referee Nomination Vote Underway for Vadim Afonkin, KB1RLI

Voting is underway to nominate an Eastern Massachusetts amateur as a Region 1 ARDF (“Radio Orienteering”) International Class Referee.

Buzzards Bay, MA, resident Vadim Afonkin, KB1RLI, has expressed his desire to serve as an International Class Referee . The ARRL’s ARDF Committee is currently accepting votes from its committee members. According to co-USA ARDF Coordinator Charlies Scharlaus, NZØI,  “six ‘yes’ votes are required for his nomination to carry.”

Ken Harker, WM5R, has indicated his support for Vadim’s nomination and his willingness to request that his nomination be put on the agenda for the 45th Plenary Meeting of the IARU Region 1 ARDF Working Group to be held at the IARU 21st World ARDF Championship, Liberec, Czech Republic, August 30, 2023 at 14:30h.
“Vadim Afonkin is an experienced ARDF athlete who embarked on his ARDF journey at the age of 14 in Moscow, Russia. Remarkably, he clinched his inaugural ARDF title in 1982, marking the inception of his triumphant path in the sport. Vadim’s commitment to ARDF continued to shine as he represented Team USA (ARRL) at the World Championships since 2004, demonstrating his prowess on the global stage and securing an impressive collection of three Gold medals for the Team at these esteemed Championships.

“Upon establishing himself in the United States, Vadim’s dedication to ARDF extended beyond competition. He took on the role of a gracious host, overseeing two US ARDF Championships and orchestrating a captivating Region 2 Championships. Notably, his most recent accomplishment was the successful organization of the ARDF World Cup Black Sea event in Bulgaria, a testament to his leadership and collaborative efforts alongside the BFRA.
“Vadim’s journey in ARDF is a testament to his enduring passion, remarkable achievements, and unwavering dedication to fostering the growth and success of the sport on both national and international platforms.”
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