Nantucket ARA Story in “DayBreak Nantucket”

Bob Hall, W1RRH, writes on the Nantucket ARA mailing list:

This is the first time NARA has been mentioned in DayBreak Nantucket.  It is a nice article:

Celebrating Lighthouses

In case you missed it, last month the Nantucket Amateur Radio Associationcelebrated International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend for 2023 at Nantucket’s Sankaty Lighthouse. The event is part of the US National Lighthouse Week from the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society. In 1989, the United States Congress declared August 7 as National Lighthouse Day, so during August amateur radio operators in America set up portable stations at lighthouses and try to contact each other. 


On Saturday, August 19, the Nantucket Amateur Radio Association set up two radio stations on the ‘Sconset bluff with short wave antennas draped from the lighthouse, 65’ in the air, with the goal of making radio contact with other lighthouses and ham radio stations around the world. The group wanted to acknowledge lighthouse and lightship history and encourage their preservation. NARA is the local affiliate of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), a national organization established to promote and advance the art, science, and enjoyment of amateur radio. The Nantucket group began casually to bring together amateur radio operators, or “hams,” of varied interests including occasional operators, tinkerers and experimenters, members of the Nantucket Amateur Radio Emergency Service (NARES), and non-resident hams visiting the island.

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