Eastern MA VOTA Competition

Volunteer On The Air logoJon McCombie, N1ILZ, writes on the Eastern MA ARRL Members list:

I hope everyone in the Section has been having a good time with the ARRL Volunteers On The Air (VOTA) program this year, making lots of QSOs and racking up lots of VOTA points!

A reminder about the VOTA competition here in the Eastern MA Section: after the VOTA event concludes, the one Eastern MA ARRL member with the highest VOTA point total (per the VOTA Leaderboard, https://vota.arrl.org/leaderboard.php?state=MA&submit=Filter+by+State) will receive a softcover copy the of the ARRL-100 Antenna Book, compliments of ARRL.

To enter: make sure to upload all your QSOs to LoTW; on or after Jan 10, 2024, I will award the Antenna Book to the EMA-Section ARRL member who has the highest VOTA point total per the VOTA Leaderboard.

There is also an Eastern-MA-Section ARRL-Affiliated club competition. The one EMA ARRL-Affiliated club with the highest combined VOTA point total will receive the 6-volume ARRL-100 Handbook, to do with as they please. A club may raffle the Handbook to a member at a meeting, or donate it to a club or public library, or … the club calls it.

To enter the club competition: make sure your club members have uploaded all contact to LoTW; on or after Jan 10, 2024, send an email to n1ilz@arrl.org and attach a spreadsheet listing the callsigns of club members and their claimed VOTA scores. I will confirm VOTA scores from the VOTA Leaderboard, and the winning club will receive the Handbook.

Questions? Email me at n1ilz@arrl.org.

73 de

ARRL Eastern Massachusetts Section
Section Manager: Jon W McCombie, N1ILZ

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