Navy Sea Cadets Navigate the Waves of Knowledge at Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association

Brandon Hockle, NQ1W, writes:

Amateur radio enthusiasts at Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association (CAARA) opened their refurbished training space in Gloucester to a group of eager Navy Sea Cadets. This event, made possible by CAARA (an Eastern MA Special Service Club operating since 1977 ) and a grant from the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), aimed to provide the Sea Cadets with comprehensive education for their Technician Class amateur radio license.

Navy Sea Cadets are young men and women aged 10 through the end of high school who train in a disciplined environment and advance through ranks that mirror the Navy and Merchant Marines. They participate in a wide variety of training opportunities to introduce them to the maritime services and a variety of career fields. 

CAARA has a long-standing relationship with the Sea Cadet program in Gloucester, and was ready to provide a day of hands-on experience in its new education center. The space, reimagined and modernized thanks to the ARRL grant, provided an optimal environment for this large group’s session.

On December 3rd, 2023, the training room buzzed with excitement as nearly two dozen Sea Cadets, donned in their uniforms, arrived ready to delve into the world of ham radio. The training covered essential topics, including radio operation, regulations, and practical skills necessary for obtaining their Technician Class licenses.

Paul Krueger N1JDH, a seasoned ham radio operator and instructor, led the Sea Cadets through the intricacies of radio communication. His wealth of knowledge and passion for amateur radio were evident as he engaged the cadets in a dynamic learning experience.

The refurbished training space, a result of the ARRL grant, offered modern amenities and up-to-date equipment, enhancing the learning experience for both the Sea Cadets and CAARA members. The collaboration between the ARRL and CAARA showcased the dedication to fostering education and community within the amateur radio sphere.

Throughout the day, Sea Cadets had the opportunity to practice their new skills under the guidance of experienced CAARA members. The camaraderie and mentorship displayed during the event reflected the heart of the amateur radio community – sharing knowledge and fostering the next generation of radio enthusiasts.

As the event concluded, the Sea Cadets left with not only a deeper understanding of amateur radio but also a sense of accomplishment. The Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association, supported by the ARRL grant, succeeded in creating a vibrant space for learning and collaboration, ensuring the continued growth of amateur radio in the community.

The success of this training session highlights the positive impact that collaboration between organizations like the ARRL and local radio clubs can have on fostering education and enthusiasm for amateur radio. The waves of knowledge continue to ripple through CAARA, leaving a lasting impact on the Sea Cadets and the amateur radio community at large. 

Photo of Sea Cadets at Cape Ann ARA

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