Field Day Publicity Suggestions

ARRL Field Day 2024 logoBill McIninch, KA1MOM, writes:

This is from the Facebook open group for Field Day, a page read almost entirely by hams:

1) Posting in the Field Day group on Facebook is not likely to get you any more visibility with the public or get people to come visit your site. So if your goal is to get visitors, especially non-ham visitors, rethink where you are posting.
2) Make sure that your posts contain all the necessary information such as:
  • What the event is all about (make it understandable for non-hams)
  • Why someone might want to visit
  • Where the event is (include an address)
  • When the event is (use local times), especially when it’s open for public tours
  • Who is involved (include point of contact info) and who is invited
  • How to get more info (maybe use a QR code that takes people to a website)
3) Consider creating an Event, not just a post. Events are shared by Facebook.
4) Avoid technical jargon.
5) For other hams to find you, make sure you put your location in the Field Day Locator.

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