Jim Idelson, K1IR

Contact Information

Jim Idelson, K1IR
96 Morse Road
Sudbury, MA 01776
Email: k1ir@designet.com

Biographical Information

Jim’s passion for communications was sparked when he was just 10 years old and his mom told him to get off the phone; he needed an alternative. The result is a lifelong ham with interests cutting across many aspects of the hobby. He enjoys technical experimentation; he hosts a 2-meter DMR repeater at his QTH in Sudbury, MA; he is an active HF contester. Professionally, Jim has also chosen to focus on communications; he runs his own company focused on helping large companies get the most out of modern communication tools including video, audio and web conferencing through consulting and reporting and analytics services. Jim attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Boston University, is married and has two grown children (one a ham), both pursuing STEM careers. Jim also enjoys photography and playing saxophone.