Joe Weisse, W1HAI

Joe Weisse, W1HAI
75 Pond Street
Natick, MA 01760

Biographical Information

At an early age I became interested in broadcasting and short wave listening. I was introduced to Amateur Radio by my uncle who worked for DeMambro Radio in Boston. As a teenager, I passed my Novice as wn1hai in 1966 and wa1hai as a General. Many years later, along with the Advanced and Extra the call became w1hai. I have always gravitated to CW and nets. I am NM for the Heavy Hitters Traffic Net and NCS for the Central Mass. 2 Meter Traffic Net, SKYWARN and Natick RACES. Host Echolink node 438063 connected to the Natick 440 repeater.

I am a Life Member of the ARRL and formerly held an ARRL Official Observer appointment. I currently serve as a Publicity Coordinator for the Framingham Amateur Radio Association and am a member of the MMRA, WARS, and WARA.

I served for many years as a Public Information Officer for a state agency. I have experience in radio and cable TV.

I appreciate every aspect of Amateur Radio and to make contact with Ops from down the street to around the world.