I was reminded this week that the September STM report had not been posted on the EMA website. My apologies and I assure you the report did go into ARRL HQ in time to make QST. As we are into November, and October reports are coming in, I will make this somewhat brief and save comments for the upcoming October report.

I do want to mention that the work on the revitalization of NTS continues to move forward. The ECFSC NTS committee continues to meet weekly and we have been holding briefings with other ARRL divisions which has brought positive feedback from other parts of the country with additional comments and suggestions to be considered. I will report more on this in the October report including information on the radiogram sent by ARRL Director of Emergency Management KE5MHV to all Section Managers, Section Traffic Managers, Directors, Vice Directors, and President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents and CEO of ARRL, a total 165 messages via various NTS modes. The goal was inform others of the work that is being done as well as ARRL’s commitment to this work. It was also meant to establish a baseline as to efficiency, accuracy and reliability of NTS now and where any weaknesses reveal a need for more work.

I also want to welcome a new Official Relay Station appointee whom many of you already know. Michael Ford WZ0C has been very active on the two meter nets and has been daily taking message traffic from the KW1U DTN hub to the traffic nets. Michael’s ORS appointment is effective November 2, 2022. At the same time I have appointed Michael to the position of Assistant Section Traffic Manager with the specific role as liaison between NTS and ARES. Many thanks to Michael for taking this on. As you are probably aware, ARRL has taken a renewed interest in emergency communications which will involve NTS and I think Michael will be a great asset toward this endeavor. Speaking of emergency communications, please check the EMA ARES webpage regarding a section wide emergency drill coming up November 12. We would like to see more cross activity between NTS and ARES.

That’s it for now. The September report follows. Thanks to all for your participation and support.

73, Marcia KW1U

Massachusetts STM Report for Sep 2022