Section Manager (SM) – Phil Temples, K9HI
Assistant Section Manager (ASM) – Jeremy Breef-Pilz, KB1REQ
Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC) – “Bo” Budinger, WA1QYM
Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) – Ed Parish, K1EP
Public Information Coordinator (PIC) – Bob Salow, WA1IDA
Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) – Rob Macedo, KD1CY
Section Traffic Manager (STM) – Marcia Forde, KW1U
State Government Liaison (SGL) – Shawn O’Donnell, K3HI
Technical Coordinator (TC) – Eric Falkof, K1NUN


The 55th Jamboree on the Air is coming October 20-21, and among the
many efforts being organized across New England and the country, Don
Burke, KB1LXH is coordinating volunteers to assist with a JOTA station
at Camp Norse in Kingston under the call sign KC1TAC.

“Annawon Council is hosting us during its Cranboree Weekend. Boy Scout
and Venture Crews (Scouts age 11-21) are camping at Norse for the
weekend and will be our radio guests.” Don adds, “This will allow us
more time with the Scouts, as they will be able to visit the station in
the morning as a small patrol and then return in the afternoon for more
air time on their own.”

According to KB1LXH, the Camp Norse JOTA operations have provided an
opportunity for over 700 scouts to talk on the air since 2007. “These
young Scouts will be the life blood of our hobby in the coming years
and we need your help to make it as exciting as we can for them.”

Don would also like to hear from trustees and owners of repeaters who
are willing to be listed as places to make contacts during JOTA.
“Forward me your name, call sign and location, the modes you will use
for JOTA and the call sign you will use for the day. I will send you
the list of local JOTA Groups before the event.”

You may reach Don at <DonEB425@verizon.net>.

The New England Amateur Radio Festival (NEAR-Fest XII) is coming
October 12-13 to the Deerfield Fairgrounds in Deerfield, NH. See
<http://www.near-fest.com> for full details.

Special instrumentation housed at the Cape Ann ARA’s clubhouse helped
to detect a small earthquake situated offshore of Cape Ann on September
15, according to Weston Observatory officials. See
<http://ema.arrl.org/node/1968> for the details.

Speaking of CAARA, the club’s next Technician In A Day session will be
held on Saturday, October 27 at the Lanesville Community Center, 8
Vulcan Street, Gloucester. If you wish to take the course you must
register in advance with Stan Stone, W4HIX at <techinaday@caara.net>.

Did you know that an index of articles for QST from 1915 to December
2011, QEX from 1981 to the present, Ham Radio from 1968 to 1990 and NCJ
from 1973 to the present are available to ARRL members online? Check out
<http://www.arrl.org/arrl-periodicals-archive-search> for the full
scoop. QST issues beginning with January 2012 can be accessed through
the digital QST archive link at <http://www.arrl.org/qst/>.

The Minuteman Repeater Association’s September 19 meeting featured
guest speaker Bob Stone, N1KMA, Chief Technology Officer at Newfield
Design, who presented on the Expandable Radio Control System.

Kudos to KB1NCG and K5TEC who were recently awarded the Annual Trudy
Cohen Volunteer Service Trophy for “providing outstanding service to
the Brookline Community.” Marek and Bob were recognized for their
Amateur Radio instructional training and also, coordinating
communications with Brookline CERT members at the Brookline Flag Day

Several of the Minuteman Repeater Association repeaters in Marlborough
are operating with reduced coverage right now. MMRA president K1IW
explains that the City of Marlborough water tower’s roof has structural
issues that are preventing the reinstallation of several antennas. As a
result, the antennas are temporarily situated at a much lower height.

Assistant SM/Youth Activities KB1REQ and SM K9HI attended the monthly
September meeting of the Harvard Wireless Club in Cambridge.

The 12th Annual BAA Half Marathon is looking for additional ham
assistance on Oct. 7. Contact Bob Salow, WA1IDA at <wa1ida@arrl.net> to

John “Charlie” Beanland, G3BVU/AA1YE of Acton recently became a Silent
Key. His obituary can be found on the AMSAT website at <

Quannapowitt RA mourns the loss of Silent Key Joseph “Joe” Matthew
Mahoney, KB1DWA of Danvers, Illinois. Joe was a past president of QRA.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the 13th Annual Southern New England
Weather Conference on Saturday, October 27 at the Meditech Corp. in
Canton. The conference is sponsored by the non-profit Blue Hill
Observatory Science Center and will address three major events that
occurred in 2011: the June 1 Springfield/Monson/Brimfield Tornado,
Tropical Storm Irene, and the late October 2011 “Snowtober” snowstorm.
More details can be found at <http://wx1box.org/2011/10/06/reminder-special-announcement-southern-new-england-weather-conference-saturday-october-22nd-2011/>.

Framingham ARA is putting together an order for club tee shirts for
their members. So far, members have placed orders for 30 shirts.

The September Quannapowitt RA meeting featured a presentation by WB2HTO
on a compact 160-meter vertical antenna that fits in a suburban lot.

Members of the Wellesley ARS visited the YL of Silent Key Jerry
Driscoll, NV1T on Sept. 6 to present her with a plaque representing the
brick that will be installed at the ARRL’S Diamond Terrace in Newington,
Connecticut to honor Jerry’s memory.

Members of the Cape Ann ARA helped provide communications support on
Sept. 16 for the Lone Gull 10K race to help benefit The Children’s
Center for Communication/Beverly School for the Deaf.

The Head of the Charles Regatta on October 20-21 needs amateurs to
assist with communications assignments on land, and in the rescue
launches. Visit <http://www.hocr-volunteer.org/active/volunteer/> to
sign up.

The Taunton Emergency Management Agency conducted a “dry run” Plymouth
Evacuation Drill involving the TEMA Emergency Operations Center on
September 12. The scenario kicked off with an early morning
notification from the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department to all TEMA
registered volunteers and to those City of Taunton workers who
participated in the drill. The relocated Taunton EOC has no installed
antennas, so Amateur Radio communication was relayed to MEMA Region II
Headquarters via the Bridgewater repeater from a mobile station parked
next to the EOC. Amateurs participating included: NI1X, KB1KZW, KB1LXI,
and KB1KZW. -Thanks, NI1X and Whitman ARC Spectrum.

Antenna redux: A California company has developed a technology that
uses the magnetic induction properties of sodium chloride (salt) in
seawater to create a unique UHF/VHF/HF “seawater” antenna. See

On a personal note: ARRL Headquarters has informed me that no other
Section Manager nomination petitions were received by the Friday,
September 7, 2012 deadline. Therefore, I have been re-elected as
Section Manager of the Eastern Massachusetts section. My new term of
office will begin on January 1, 2013. Thank you for your vote of
confidence in me (I think). Seriously though, it’s been a pleasure
working with all of the fine folks on my staff and elsewhere throughout
the Section in promoting the goals of our national organization, and the
growth and well being of the Amateur Radio hobby/service. I look forward
to serving as your Section Manager for an additional term.



ARRL Eastern Massachusetts Section
Section Manager: Phillip Temples, K9HI