Cape Ann ARA Assists In Recording Minor Earthquake!

Cape Ann ARA logoSpecial instrumentation housed at the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association’s clubhouse helped to detect a small earthquake situated offshore of Cape Ann on Saturday evening, September 15 according to Weston Observatory officials.

In an email to the club from Prof. John E. Ebel of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College, “Weston Observatory detected a small earthquake from offshore Cape Ann late on Saturday evening 9/15 (early Sunday morning 9/16 GMT). That event was detected by the NetQuakes instrument at the CAARA site in Gloucester.”

Ebel adds, “If you go to the NetQuakes map page and pull up the MAGLO site, the latest seismogram you will see is the seismogram from this earthquake… Thanks to all for the great instrument location.”

Weston Observatory says this is the first recorded seismic event for the instrumentation located at CAARA.

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