Call for Volunteers, Norton Founders Day, June 15, 2019

Ray Cord, K2TGX, writes on the Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC list:

This is the Official call for EMA, HAM, CERT and MRC Volunteers to help at Norton Founders Day

Those Agencies that are supplying equipment have been contacted separately for Mutual Aid 

WHAT: Norton Founders Day- An Evening long Family Town Picnic with Games, Music, Vendors,  Classic Cars Cruise Night
           Food Court Bands and ending with Fireworks at Dark

WHEN: Saturday June 15th from 5:00PM to 9:00PM

WHERE: H.A. Yelle School Campus, 64 East Main St., Norton, across from Honey Dew Donuts.

WHO: Everybody. Volunteers can bring their families and friends

THE MISSION: Starting at about 1:00PM the Committee will start setting up the Food Court, Vendor Booths, Games and Command Post
While we will need a handful of Volunteers with this portion of the setup, the bulk of the Volunteers are being asked to report at 4:00PM.

The Shift will be 4:00PM to 9:30/10:00PM depending on how long it takes to get the cars out of the lots.

There will be a supper (Pizza and soda/water) served at about 7:30PM and breaks (Hydration) will be provided as needed.

NEMA is responsible for providing Light and Power to the Food Court and Various Venues on Campus

Our Mission is to manage the on campus Parking Lots and assist the Police with Pedestrian safety both before, during and after the Fireworks. During the Fireworks we will assist the Fire Dept with Cold Zone Perimeter Security and Hot fireworks patrol as needed.

After the Fireworks we will assist the Police Detail in safely getting cars from the Parking Lots to the Street and make sure that 
Pedestrians and Cars don’t mix.

We recognize that this is a long event but would appreciate what ever time you can give us. If you have mobility issues we can put you where you are not on your feet (EMA/CERT Info Booth etc) or bring a lawn chair.

Please reply to this email ASAP to give us the time shift you can work so that we may start plugging people into ICS positions

 Thank You 
Ray Cord Deputy Director
Norton EMA

Littleton Volunteer Corps

Terry Stader, KA8SCP, writes on the PART-List:

Last night, Wed. May 8th, I had the privilege to speak to the Littleton Volunteer Corps at the Littleton Fire station to about 20 participants. This group will be serving as a team to work as CERT and MRC combined to support their community in various roles. Last night I spoke to them about the resource of Amateur Radio. Some of the attendees were hams, but most were not. Those not initially familiar became very interested and asked about what it takes to become a ham (Question: What does “ham” mean? was asked). Several of this team had been to SKYWARN training and learned how Amateur Radio and NWS work together in this program. We talked about ARES and RACES as well as the history of PART.

The take away from this meeting is a future evaluation and testing the communications challenges from several locations around the  community. Down the road, maybe the group will do a drill or exercise to test their ability to provide services needed.

So, Littleton hams (and others too), we may be looking for some of your time to work with this team and even become a contributor to providing your skills in communications.


Middleborough Licensing Class “A Success”

Middleborough amateur Phil McNamara, N1XTB has concluded a six-week Technician licensing class with great results.  “Twelve folks passed, three did not. Two more couldn’t attend the exam session and will be going to a different session.”

The Eastern MA Amateur Radio Group in Canton conducted the testing session.

McNamara conducted the class at the request of the local Medical Reserve Corps  coordinator. “He agreed  that we could open it up to the local boy scouts.  Several of the scouts passed, so we have some new young hams!”