“Neighbors are fighting a Framingham man’s OK to erect an 80-foot ham radio tower”

From Wicked Local Framingham, December 10, 2019:

Tower Controversy in Framingham
“Residents opposed to the construction of an 80-foot ham radio tower in a neighbor’s yard say the tower is an ‘eyesore’ that will hurt property values. The neighbor’s attorney says the Zoning Board of Appeals has no right to prevent its construction.”
FRAMINGHAM – Attorney Fred Hopengarten [K1VR] literally wrote the book on how to get a personal radio tower approved by your local government.

It’s called: “Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur: Everything you and your attorney need to know to obtain a permit for your antenna-support system.”

Prospect Street resident and licensed ham radio operator Mikhail Filippov [KD1MF] hired Hopengarten to help him convince the Zoning Board of Appeals to reject a challenge by a large group of neighbors who say the 80-foot radio tower Filippov wants to build in his yard is unsafe and will destroy the woodsy area’s charm.

The radio tower would allow Filippov, as an amateur “ham” radio operator, to communicate with other operators around the world without the internet. [Full story]

Update – Dec. 11, 2019: KD1MF was granted a continuance at tonight’s hearing because his attorney, K1VR, was in Washington, DC on ARRL business.