Youth Net: “Have We Gone To Sleep?”

CEMARC logoN1DHW writes:

“What happened to all those club members that said a Youth Net was a great thing for the Section? Has everyone gone to sleep with the cold weather? Or are we so interested in ourselves, our own clubs, that we don’t care about these kids.

“Right now there are several regular’s that sign on each week, do a great job, and I hope have some good exposure to ham radio. But if each club were to go after just 2 young people, times 40 clubs in the section, that would be a great net.

“Think about it. How many members in YOUR club have children, or grandchildren. With a little prodding from the club leadership those kids could be on next Sunday’s net. How about having them meet at a central QTH and join in that way. Not only will it generate some interest, but allow them to meet other youngsters related to club members. Remember, this net is not only for Grade Schoolers, but Middle and High School age as well.

“In the true spirit of caring, and giving, the SEMARA club has stepped forward and offered to host a Chicken BBQ for the Youth Nets young members and their families on Saturday June 21st, at their Club site in Dartmouth.

“Drop by the CEMARC table at this weeks Marlborough Flea and tell us your ideas on how to improve participation. Ann, Kevin, and myself would welcome your help.”

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