Mark, KB1EKN Appointed Metro DEC

I am very pleased to announced that Mark, KB1EKN, has accepted the appointment as DEC for the Metro District, which incorporates the City of Boston and the surrounding metropolitan area. Mark brings experience, impeccable qualifications and a strong positive leadership style to the position. Please join me in welcoming Mark to this important position, and wishing him the best in his endeavors. Mark relieves Bill, N1VUX, a long time veteran of the ARES program, who tendered his resignation citing personal and job related reasons.Bill contributed a great deal in his over 8 years of service to the ARES program. He wrote most of the material for our workshop, and was invited to contribute to what was to become the League ECC Level One course. Among other contribrutions, Bill also hosted the venerable monthly ARES net on the MMRA network, which he began more than 6 years ago. Please join me in thanking Bill for his long dedication to our program.

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