Message from Mark Duff/KB1EKN, D.E.C. Metro Boston

As I am sure you are aware, one of the main problems that BERT is suffering from is lack of activation in any sense. Tomorrow we have the chance to change that! What do you think about establishing a “Informal” NET tomorrow/tomorrow night for storm coverage.If we could get several members to just standby and be available to pass emergency traffic or make necessary telephone calls, it may give the team the jump start it so badly needs. It may be a good idea also for the net control operators to keep a list of BARC and BERT members who are available for field deployment if needed. If the storm really hits us as predicted, telephone service as well as cell phones could be compromised. It is important for people to know that during the storm tomorrow, they can get help on 23! I would suggest 2 or three hour shifts. This would prevent burnout and get more people involved.

I would suggest a brief announcement every 15 to 30 minutes on the Boston repeaters stating that an informal net has been established.

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