Algonquin ARC to Operate Field Day as Category F

The Algonquin ARC station, N1EM will be on the air during Field Day from the Marlborough Emergency Operations Center at the Central First Station at 215 Maple Street (Route 85), according to KD1QS and KV1J.

“This will be a joint Algonquin Amateur Radio Club and Marlborough EMA activity highlighting the cooperative relationship between the two groups,” said Eric Williams, KV1J. He added, “Our goal is to increase awareness and to give area hams and hams-to-be a chance to get on the air.

The club will operate Field Day as a one-day event. Setup begins at 10:00 am Saturday; the station will operate from 2:00 pm until about 6:00 pm in the classroom at the Fire Station where the EOC is located.

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