Air & Space Day 2003

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June 21, 2003 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Livingston Recreational Field, Livingston St., Tewksbury, MA

AIR & SPACE DAY 2003 is a free, fun, family, educational event, created to
show children that science, math, and history can be fun. Optional donations
will be used to build an observatory for Tewksbury schools.
Invited Guests
· %@!#%& Gordon Gemini XI and Apollo XII Astronaut
· John Dobson Inventor of the Dobsonian telescope
· Lt. Col. Mike Stockwell Dual qualified jet and helicopter pilot
· Cliff Reed Tuskegee Airman (pilot 332nd Squadron WWII
· Arlene Marland Pilot, The Ninetynines aircraft ferry squadron
· Jessa Piaia Amelia Earhart Impersonator
· Don “Dr. Flush” Rethke Inventor of the space shuttle toilets

Planned Events & Displays
· 10 hot air balloons, including the largest freeform Hot air balloon in the
· Blimp – Kermit Kraft 1 – gondola
· NASA Glenn Research Center Mobile Aeronautics Education Laboratory
· F-22 attack jet flight simulator
· Skydivers – 2 jumps – All female skydiving team
· Paragliders, including a powered paraglider smoke show
· Ultralights
· Hang Gliders
· 9 helicopters, including State Police, Coast guard, National guard, TV
4, 5 and 7, and helicopter rides
· Model Rocket Launching Clinic – 300 kits
· Radio Control and Control-line flying model airplanes
· StarLab planetarium
· Astronomy and Telescope Making ( stargazing party now planned for
8:00pm to 10:00pm )
· FAA Portable Control Tower
· Boston Museum of Science display
· Universe Productions DVD tour of the solar system
· Apollo Space Suit
· Paper Airplane Making
· American Radio Relay League – Ham radio, with Kids’ Day special event
· Robotics demo (Lawrence and Lowell high schools )
· Gyro Ring Ride
· Concessions
· Bounce houses
· Rocket car

· WPI MIT Harvard BU Northeastern Daniel Webster College

Authors Row
· Authors of Space and Aviation books including 1000 “make your own
Hovercraft” books being given to children (donated by Lockheed)


There’s more detail, as well as updates to th participant list as more are
added, at:

This one sounds like a lot of fun for the entire family.

-= Bill McIninch, Jr. =-

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