Field Day 2003 Tour Results

The EMA FD Homepage now has the staff/leadership tour list and map. Our Tourists were, in rough rank of mileage,

  • Mike Raisbeck K1TWF NEDiv-Vice
  • Mike Neilsen W1MPN SEC & Acting DEC Essex
  • Phil Temples K9HI EMA Section Manager
  • Steve Schwarm W3EVE DEC-Norfolk & No.Bristol
  • Mark Duff KB1EKN DEC-Metro
  • Steve Telsey N1BDA DEC-Middlesex
  • Frank O\’Laughlin WQ1O DEC-Cape/Isles

Phil K9HI and Mike W1MPN carried the two copies of the Proclamation with them. Expect picture links to appear on EMA ARRL, ARES, and FD pages soon.

Our ARRL Staff resident at a FD site included (with some overlap(*))

  • Mike Ardai N1IST (BM)
  • Greg Richardson N1QLS (TC)
  • Jim Duarte N1IV (PIC)
  • Stane Laine WA1ECF (ASM)
  • Mike Goldberg K1LJN (OOC)
  • Frank Murphy N1DHW (ACC) *
  • Bob Salow WA1IDA (ASM)
  • Mark Duff KB1EKN DEC-Metro *
  • Frank O\’Laughlin WQ1O DEC-Cape/Isles *
  • Steve Telsey N1BDA DEC-Middlesex *
  • Rob Macedo KD1CY DEC-South Coast; SKYWARN Coordiantor

See the tour list and map for more details.

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