“ADA Classic” Finds Ham Support Invaluable

American Diabetes Assn logoAmateur volunters performed valuable public service by giving their time and effort to assist in the two- and seven-day “ADA Classic.” The ride raised funds for the American Diabetes Assocation and traversed portions of MA, NH, ME and VT. The Classic was supported by 17 volunteers and the staff, including 15 amateur radio operators. The support team also included four bike mechanics with vans, an EMT in his own vehicle, three rest stop vehicles and two “SAG” wagons.
Mike Goldberg, K1LJN recounted their efforts.

“On July 11, Jim Evans, N1HTS, Ted Haskell, W1EID, Bill Lacy, KB1ICA, Steve Witley, KB1HMZ, Dennis Howland, KB1IDQ and I showed up at Woburn Mall and began to distribute tasks among each other. Some of us headed to pick up a 34-foot cargo truck to haul the gear. The others went to pick up the cargo and window vans. All were returned to the Mall to be filled with water jugs, water coolers, ice chests, first aid supplies, cases of snack foods, route vehicle handbooks, paper towels, pens, etc.” Goldberg added, “We installed two-meter mobile equipment in each vehicle. In addition there were two large pickups. All were loaded by 5 p.m., except for 400 pounds of ice which was loaded later.”

The Woburn Mall donated the use of a vacant store which was used for registration of about 150 riders for The New England Classic, 150 and 550.

Goldberg resports the group had one major medical incident, along with assorted falls and bee stings.

The riders efforts netted $256,000 for ADA Research and Education.

Amateurs who participated in the two-day event were:

Charlie Reed, N1VI
Maureen Polson, N1RBE

Seven-day participants were:

Jim Evans, N1HTS
Mike Goldberg, K1LJN
Scotti Goldberg, N1PUI
Ted Haskell, W1EID
Bill Lacy, KB1ICA
Dave Humt, EMT, N1XAJ
Al Kinnon, KD1EA
Faith Linsky, N1RUN
Tracey Thompson, KB1EFT
Paul Magrath, K1KZL (Chief Bike Mech)
Don Salls, N1ZYF (Top Kick)
Steve Witley, KB1HMZ (Gear Guy)
Dennis Howland, KB1IDQ (ADA Staff)

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