Milford Hospital “Monster” Field Day September 13, 2003

A group of amateurs spearheaded by Tom Kinahan, N1CPE are planning an Amateur Radio exhibit/message fair for the Milford Hospital “Monster” Field Day September 13, 2003. The fair celebrates events from one hundred years ago.

“We’re trying to re-create a bit of the magic of Marconi 100 years ago,” commented N1CPE.

Below are minutes from the first organizing meeting.”At our organizing meeting in attendance were: Bruce Piggot KC1US, Steve Schwarm, W3EVE, Fran Belliveau KA4FRH and Tom Kinahan N1CPE.

We’re not being asked to “coordinate” or help them run the events of this day. We’re only doing a display of Ham Radio.

1) We need a CW person/demonstrator that can do a good demonstration for kids, and come up with the appropriate keys / oscillators and materials.

2) We need Signage. We would like to have signage to talk about FARA, Ham Radio, Marconi, CW, and NTS how messages get through.

These are assumed to be our biggest issues.

We will need 40 feet of tables to go under a tent provided by N1CPE/Wellesley ARS. It’s 20′ x 10′.

We expect to apply for a special event callsign (Under W1FY).

We would like to demonstrate the phonetic alphabet as a different “code” for kids. Need a poster/handouts.

We calculated that we’ll need 120V@ 10A or a 1200- 2000 Watt generator. This sill be supplied by the MRH.

Fran and Steve will arrange the HF antenna given the field layout.

We put together a “blurb” for the advertising for our part of the event. We will run a “message Fair” and a ham radio demo using HF and 2m,70cm FM.

We want to be able to use the name of Framingham ARA as our group, and will apply for a special event callsign of K1H, N1H, or W1H for this event.

We’ll need to have some scheme for special event QSL cards.

-Tom K.

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