“Turnaround Cruise” Amateur Radio Festivities Oct. 11

USS ConstitutionAmateur radio operations are planned as part of the bi-annual “Turnaround Cruise” October 11. The event will see two famous ships–the USS Constitution and the USS Cassin Young–traversing Boston Harbor exchanging cannon salutes with the fort on Castle Island. From there, the ships will meet up with the guided missile destroyer USS Chaffee, and then head back to the Old Boston Navy Yard Pier.

According to Bob Callahan, W1QWT of the USS Cassin Young Radio Club, a ham station will be set up in a kiosk on the pier, staffed by members of the USS Cassin Young RC and the USS Salem RC.

“We will have a PA system connected to the radios so that visitors on the pier can hear what is going on.” Callahan added, “We will be on 40, 20, and 2 meters. There will also be a receiver tuned to the Boston Pilot Coast Guard frequency.” The call sign of the Old Boston Navy Yard pier station will be N1B; the station aboard the USS Constitution will sign N1S, while the USS Cassin Young station will use the call sign WW2DD.

Due to National Park Service restrictions, the number of amateurs participating is restricted; however, the general public is encouraged to attend. —Thanks, W1QWT

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