Possible SKYWARN Mobilization (expired)

(0808 4 Dec 03) From Rob, KD1CY:

SKYWARN Logo As many of you are aware, from Friday at 7 PM through Saturday at 7 PM is SKYWARN Recognition Day. It is unclear whether the storm will have a significant impact on SKYWARN Recognition Day activities at this time. This will be monitored as the storm track becomes more certain. We ask that all Amateurs who plan to contact us during SKYWARN Recognition Day give us current sky condition, snowfall total and temperature (if possible) during SKYWARN Recognition Day as we rove the various repeaters on the schedule we listed on our SKYWARN Newsletter. If we need to go into Activation mode, we will shift into that mode and attempt to notify the various SKYWARN Repeaters with a brief announcement that we are shifting into Activation mode or request Net Controls to come up on frequency and state that we have shifted from SKYWARN Recognition Day mode to SKYWARN Activation mode. Since we will already be active at NWS Taunton with Ops, Ops will be utilized if needed for this storm.

KD1CY at WX1BOX All SKYWARN Spotters and Amateur Radio SKYWARN Spotters and Coordinators should continue to closely monitor the progress of this storm. The next coordination message will be posted by 11:30 PM this evening. Below is the NWS Taunton Hazardous WX Outlook and Special WX Statement and the NWS Taunton Area Forecast Discussion:

Rob Macedo, KD1CY, at the Taunton NWS office. Contributed by N1IV

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