EMa ARES Update (expired but UHF info still needed)

***** EMa ARES Update *****
***** ARES relay stations may be needed *****
***** Please test the UHF repeaters listed below during windstorm *****

As of 0045, most of the section is enduring a bruising from an early winter
storm, with only minor damage so far. This may change overnight or during
the day Sunday.

It is important that you stay in place until we request that you do
otherwise. SKYWARN will certainly need reports and ARES may need relay
stations during the day tomorrow. This request follows our shelter-in-place
doctrine which is detailed at
http://ares.ema.arrl.org/mod.php?mod=userpage&menu=2904&page_id=67 .

While you are assisting in the ways listed above, we request that you gather
signal reports from the list of repeaters listed below DURING the windstorm.
Please list:

Your location and time
List of repeaters worked
Whether home or mobile
Power on input
Antenna type
Other comments (i.e. unusually good or bad location, etc.)

Please send reports to me at w1mpn@ema.arrl.org

List of repeaters:443.450-Westport Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

443.700-Gloucester Repeater No PL Listed

444.200-Bourne Repeater PL: 118.8 Hz

445.175-Newton Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz

446.575-Boston Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

449.925-Marlborough Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz Part of
MMRA System

446.725-Stoneham Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz Part
of MMRA System

447.075-Kingston Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

447.175-Boston Repeater PL: 110.9 Hz

447.325-Truro Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

447.575-Concord Repeater PL: 110.9 Hz

447.975-North Attleboro Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

448.125-Framingham Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

448.975-Walpole Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz

449.075-Waltham Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

The following repeaters were considered Good location, good local coverage,
may have extended coverage and has linking capability (to either other
repeaters, IRLP, Echolink or a combination of each):

442.450-Westford Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

443.350-Pack Monadnock, NH PL: 110.9 Hz

443.500-Dennis Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz Part
of Cape Cod Link Sys.

443.800-Dartmouth Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

444.200-North Truro Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz

444.250-Falmouth Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz Part
of Cape Cod Link Sys.

445.175-Barnstable Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz Part
of Cape Cod Link Sys.

447.875-Brookline Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz Part
of MMRA/Has Echolink

446.675-Marlborough Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz Part of
MMRA System

The following repeaters have good location but unknown or questionable
coverage. Some of these repeaters may have IRLP or Echolink coverage:

441.075-Chelmsford Repeater PL: 100.0 Hz

441.400-Assonet Repeater PL: 192.8 Hz

441.400-Plymouth Repeater PL: 100.0 Hz

441.500-Medfield Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

441.750-Seekonk Repeater PL: 192.8 Hz

441.850-Bradford Repeater PL: 127.3 Hz

442.250-Marlborough Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz -Has Echolink

442.500-Braintree Repeater PL: 118.8 Hz

442.800-Danvers Repeater PL: 136.5 Hz

442.900-Pepperell Repeater PL: 100 Hz

443.200-North Andover Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

443.600-Norwell Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz -Has Echolink

444.100-Wilmington Repeater PL: 123.0 Hz

444.300-Saugus Repeater PL: 123.0 Hz

443.350-Fall River Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

444.550-Bridgewater Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

444.600-Newton Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

444.700-Boston Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

446.525-Reading Repeater PL: 151.4 Hz

446.875-North Reading Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

446.925-Medford Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

447.025-Peabody Repeater PL: 110.9 Hz

447.275-Haverhill Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

447.625-Lawrence Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

447.675-Natick Repeater PL: 203.5 Hz -RACES?

449.650-Belmont Repeater PL: 67.0 Hz

449.725-Cambridge Repeater PL: 114.8 Hz

449.825-Woburn Repeater PL: 136.5 Hz

Please also visit the website to vote in the poll about UHF usage. Thanks
in advance for your help.

Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN, EMa SEC
978.562.5662 Voice
978.389.0558 FAX/Secondary Voice

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