DHS Raises Warning Level to High (Orange)

***** DHS Raises Warning Level to High (Orange) *****
**** ARES Members Asked to Assume Higher State of Readiness ****

(Updated 1300 12/22/03)

Hello to all…

Quoting specific sources and “…raised chatter approaching the levels of 9/11…”, Department of homeland Security (DHS), raised the Warning Level to High (Orange) at approximately 1330 EST (1830Z) today. Responding to only a few questions, DHS Secretary Ridge stated that the threat level was being raised in face of compelling evidence, but at the same time, exhorted the public to participate in holiday activities as usual while keeping a wary eye out for unusual activities around them. Read about the news release at DHS News Conference

As in past declarations of High (Orange), I ask that you assume a higher state of individual readiness by completing the following actions as soon as possible:

1. Test your home and mobile systems to ensure their proper working order
2. Test and charge all battery backup systems
3. Review current procedures for reaction and mobilization on our website, http://ares.ema.arrl.org
4. Contact your EC/DEC if you have recently changed your contact information and you did not have a chance to communicate that to him.

Please carry your H/T with you at all times as practicable. During an emergency, please remember to check in to the RACES repeater nearest to your current location. That is important if you are visiting relatives, etc., within our section away from home.

I would like to echo Secretary Ridge’s call to all of us to carry on and enjoy our holiday activities. I would also like to wish you and your family Happy Holidays, and a happy and prosperous new year!

s/Michael P. Neilsen
Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN
Eastern Massachusetts
Section Emergency Coordinator

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