NHARES to hold 2m/6m SSB net

Hello to all. At the last NHARES leadership meeting, it was decided to run an initial test of using 2m SSB and /or 6m SSB as an alternative to 75m and the K1JY system. The test will be on Feb. 22 (Sunday) from 0930 to 1200. All NHARES members with 2m SSB or 6m SSB with any type of antennas (fixed or mobile or portable) are requested to participate. Vertical polarization is preferred, but we want to test all types…yagis, omnis…whatever we have. Those of you who know how bad 75m phone has been, know how important it is that we come up with an alternative.

Please put this on your schedule and try to participate. Further details are to follow.

[Although this is a great training opportunity for our members in the northern part of the EMa Section, this net is a directed net held for NH ARES members. To that end, please check in only after NCS asks for “any other stations”. Please allow NH players to check in first – W1MPN]

Thanks to all of you for your help and dedication in this time of need!

Rex G. Carr, M.D.
NHARES EC Southern Grafton
VTARES AEC Windsor County
W 603-643-5254
H 603-643-4329
C 603-252-7152

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