Ham Radio Talk on WBZ Radio, April 16, 2004

WBZ logoBill McIninch, Jr., KA1MOM writes:

“There’s finally a time for my ‘featured visit’ on the Jordan Rich show. [See also: WBZ Late Night Talk Show to Discuss Ham Radio.] I will be going to the studio at 23:45 on Friday, April 16 and should be on the air by about 00:30. How long I’m there depends on how long the subject stays interesting, since I have nothing scheduled before noon the next ‘morning.’

I will have with me all the HQ background info, as well as all the handouts created for the past two Field Days, the Boston Museum of Science Astronomy Day event last May, and the Tewksbury Air & Space Day event last June.

Some of the intro I plan to give will be similar to the ‘Magic In The Sky’ piece in the January issue of CQ.

If I take along any ‘show & tell’ items for Jordan and the crew, they will include a VX-150, a twinlead J-pole, and an 80M PSK-31 ‘warbler.’ Bringing along the FT-817 is another possibility. I will definitely have some Field Day photos.

Items to be emphasized:

* General items, including correcting misperceptions

* The volunteer role of the Amateur Radio Service

* The broad range of hams and ham radio

* If there’s time, the problems: pending legislation and Broadband over Power Lines

There’s plenty of lead time, so I’m open to suggestions.

-Bill McIninch, Jr. KA1MOM
E Metro Boston PIO

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