ARES/NTS Cooperative Meeting 4/24

[From the EMa ARRL Website, K9HI Webmaster]

New EMA ARES ARRL members active in the ARES and NTS programs in Eastern Massachusetts met Saturday, April 24 in Bridgewater to achieve greater cooperation between their respective programs. Section Manager Phil Temples, K9HI called for the workshop in light of recent reports and recommendations by the League’s Volunteer Resources Committee, and the ad-hoc ARES Committee.

KD1CY at ARES-NTS Meeting “It was a great day where much was accomplished,” concluded Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator Rob Macedo, KD1CY. Macedo coordinated and chaired the workshop.

“I’m very pleased with the progress we made this past weekend,” commented K9HI. “Folks from the NTS voice nets, digital nets and ARES leadership sat down and discussed their mutual needs and problems. There was no animosity between the different camps. I want to especially thank Carl, N1FY and members of the Massasoit Amateur Radio Association for hosting the meeting at the Bridgewater EOC,” Temples added.

Minutes from the ARES-NTS Seminar have been posted on the EMA ARES web site, [please press ARES-NTS button to the left]. Photos are also posted at this site under “Photo Gallery”. Additionally, K9HI has created a mailing list called “ares-nts-coop” to provide for follow up discussion to the points of interest.

[KD1CY Photo courtesy of K9HI]

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