DNC Daily Update #3

DNC Logo Hello to all…..

EMa ARES will begin a limited mobilization starting next Sunday, July 25th. Many of the germane parts of the Operations Plan (OpPlan) appear in the left column under the heading “DNC OPERATIONS”.

This is the daily update for Friday, July 23rd, on our plans to assist participating agencies with the DNC. News items will appear in this column, while permanent material or changes will be posted in the left hand column under the heading “DNC OPERATIONS”.

Please note that the frequency plan for our mobilization will not appear on this website, but will be passed to players under separate cover.

Amateur Radio Operators outside the ARRL Eastern Massachusetts section should first contact their ARES Section Emergency Coordinator for permission to mobilize, as no “self mobilized” hams will be accepted, and will be turned away. Their response to you will depend on whether we have asked for assistance from outside our section, based on how much support we receive from inside the Eastern Massachusetts section.

And now the news…..

1. The Red Cross Rapid Action Team (RAT) met last night to finalize plans before the DNC begins next week. Rob, KD1CY, presented the ARES brief. In attendance were SEC, Mike, W1MPN, and CCARES DEC, Frank, WQ1O. It was also announced that All personnel must have government picture ID’s (preferably two) each time they enter ANY client facility next week.
2. Jim, N1IV, ARRL Public Information Coordinator for the Eastern Mass Section, has appointed Bill, KA1MOM, to provide “PR” assistance with the DNC Activities next week. “With your Boston Media contacts and previous experience up there, we feel that you are the best person to handle this task,” Jim stated in an email overnight. He went on to add that “This is, on a grand scale, the best PR opportunity that we have had in the Eastern Mass Section, that I can remember.” SEC, Mike, W1MPN, said that Bill’s primary job will be to keep all ARES volunteers (and our entire community through the League) informed on a daily basis, of our activities supporting the DNC event.
3. SM, Phil, K9HI, and SEC, Mike, W1MPN, met yesterday at the ARRL Headquarters in Newington, CT, with Field and Educational Services Manager Rosalie White, K1STO, and ARRL Public Service Specialist Steve Ewald, WV1X, and briefed them on our preparations for the DNC.
4. Bill, N1VUX, will be providing ducting reports in support of our limited mobilization (please see latest report in this column)
5. Players can expect the final plan by tomorrow night. Starting Monday, the plan will be updated on a daily basis using the Incident Action Plan (IAP) format.

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