Ducting Forecast NEW!

RUC 9Z says locally ducted and likely to remain so during the day. Eta-M (2nd
6Z) says through 20Z only, with localized enhancement off and on over night,
with full scale local ducting Tuesday Dan.

Note — I will be speaking on the topic of this forecast technique Sunday August 15 at the www.boxboro.org ARRL NE-DIV Convention, Boxboro MASS.

Please send reports of VHF/UHF DX to Bill Ricker, N1VUX.

73 de BILL

This is an experimental forecast product based on Navy formulae applied to NWS computer model forecast sounding files (Eta/EtaM & AVN/GFS Bufkit).

c2000-2004, All rights reserved. Permission to duplicate must be received from the author of the ducting reports.

N1VUX [Bill, N1VUX is a regular contributor of information on VHF/UHF ducting, using his predictive model. He will also occasionally comment on other unusual atmospheric phenomena affecting communications – W1MPN]

N1VUX Photo courtesy K9HI

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