BCRA Kids Net Starting Up

FRARC/BCRA logoRoland Daigault, N1JOY writes:

George, KB1CNA & Skip, KB1CNB will be starting up a new net designed just for kids. The [Bristol County Repeater Association] has been supporting three schools with Amateur Radio in the classroom (Kuss, New Testament, and Third Baptist), so we already have a great start on getting students on the air. If you know any kid who may be interested, or especially know of a local school that has radio gear in the classroom, please join in and help us get more kids excited about Amateur Radio!

The idea behind the net was for George and Skip to get some kids on the air and used to operating. If the kids are not licensed, get them on the air anyway with a control operator in the room. The planned time for the net will be on Thursdays from 2:45 PM until 3:15 PM, or so. They are planning a kids’ ham news session that would give them something to talk about. The news need not be strictly ham-related, but something that would be interesting. Once the net has been established, each school can take turns being nt control and each group can add in their own way every week.

The 145.150 repeater has a “minus” offset, and a PL of 123.0 Hz.

I hope to hear all sorts of new young voices on the net!

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