EMa ARES Simulated Emergency Test 10/30/04

EMa ARES logoEastern Massachusetts ARES will conduct a limited ARES Simulated Emergency Test on Saturday October 30th, 2004 from 10 AM-Noon. This drill is being constructed to add-on to a medium difficulty drill that Cape Cod ARES has put together for their group. The original Cape Cod ARES drill had been designed around an immunization scenerio with the CDC (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention) involving flu vaccinations; however, it was cancelled by the CDC due to a lack of vaccine. The drill scenario for the Cape was changed at the last minute by Cape and Islands DEC Frank O’Laughlin, WQ1O.

This SET will attempt to relay messages between Cape Cod and various points in the Eastern Massachusetts section utilizing HF, 6 Meters, Packet and 2 Meters. Local ECs and DECs are welcome to activate 2 Meter nets on their local ARES/RACES/SKYWARN frequency as they see fit. [Full story]

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