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The MMRA has been encountering unintentional interference in the 2M HAM band (and adjacent services). We would appreciate wide dissemination of the forwarded message in case somebody out there can help us identify this noise source and/or so that other people can check in their local areas to see if they are encountering this as well. The MMRA believes that it has encountered at least 5 sources of this signal at this point and that there are probably others. We also believe that we have detected this noise interfering with other repeaters which are not operated by the MMRA.

More information can be obtained at: Interference

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—–Original Message—–
From: Bob DeMattia, K1IW
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 12:51 AM
To: Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN
Cc: Ed Hare, W1RFI; Gruber, Mike W1MG; Chuck Skolaut;
Subject: Interference at MMRA 146.61 Repeater Site

Hello Mike,

I’ve been speaking with some of the guys at the league concerning the interference problem we’ve been having on 146.61. Today, Mike indicated that I should make you aware of what’s happening.

The MMRA repeater in Marlborough has been receiving interference for approximately eight months now. It disappears for a few days or even a week at a time then comes back. It is strong enough to affect the intelligibility of all but the strongest signals.

The interference is not limited to our machine. One member has heard a similar pattern on the 146.97 repeater in Paxton, though it does not appear to be as often or as strong as the problem we have.

In scanning the band, we’ve also located several other similar-sounding signal sources at 143 MHz and 152 MHz, at multiple locations in Marlborough and Northborough.

More information is available at Interference

Hopefully, with the help of the league and others, we will be able to get this resolved.

Bob – K1IW

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