MA RACES To Exercise on 60 Meters

Tom Kinahan, N1CPE writes:

“It’s the first Monday again, and we’ve got another new twist tonight. We’ll be running a net on 60 meters at 6:30pm, on on 75 meters at 6:45 and the normal 6 meter net at 7.

All stations are invited to check in to both HF nets.

The 60 Meter net will convene on dial frequency 5330.5 USB, and move up in the channels if the frequency is busy. There is no need to change frequencies if the channel is free and checkins can be made.

Channel Center Amateur Tuning Frequency (USB)

5332 kHz 5330.5 kHz

5348 kHz 5346.5 kHz

5368 kHz 5366.5 kHz

5373 kHz 5371.5 kHz

5405 kHz (common US/UK) 5403.5 kHz


-Tom N1CPE

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