Massasoit ARA Assists In YMCA Road Race

Massasoit ARA members at E. Bridgewater YMCA Road RaceSeven members of the Massasoit Amateur Radio Association members volunteered to provide communication support for the East Bridgewater YMCA 4-mile Fall Frolic Road Race on Sunday October 24, 2004. The weather was overcast and the temperature started out about 50 degrees—perfect weather for a road race.

Carl Aveni, N1FY acted as NCS at at the starting line. The other Amateur Radio volunteers were positioned along the race course at key intersections. Shown in the photo (L-R): Bruce Hayden, NI1X; Carl Aveni, N1FY; Roy Logan, KB1CYV; Walter Fitzgerald, N1LHD; Gary DeCoster, WA1CIM; and Bob Mandeville, N1EDM with Maryanne DeCoster, N1SGW in front.

The YMCA had large signs made up and posted along the race course that alerted the traffic to the race in progress and helped everything run smoothly. The Amateur Radio operators were thanked by the YMCA staff for their support and were soon socializing over hotdogs and hamburgers after the race. Once again a great time was had by all. —MARA News, November 2004

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