YI9 Internet Gateway Close to Reality

W7DXX logoA proposed Internet radio gateway in Iraq is very close to being realized, according to local amateur Keith Lamonica, W7DXX. (See “Easton Ham To Install Remote Base in Iraq”.) “We are a week or so away from sending the remote base package to Baghdad,” writes Lamonica in an email to interested parties this week.

Lamonica adds that the YI9DXX gateway will be a “closed system.” As such, he will not distribute information such as IP addresses and passwords out to parties via his email list. “The Baghdad remote is available only to those of you who have contributed toward the equipment and/or sent equipment.”

Lamonica has no plans to charge dues or membership fees but he does expect participants to help defray small expenses: QSL cards, postage, gas for the generator, etc.

W7DXX says he’ll have details about the DX remote base after the first of the year.

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