EMa ARES Mobilization Begins 1/22 at 1600 ET

EMaSEC Rob Macedo, KD1CY writes:

“All Eastern Massachusetts ARES personnel are requested to go to Standby Moblization effective 4 PM Saturday, January 22, 2005. A major Nor’easter/blizzard will impact Eastern Massachusetts with 20-30 Inches of snow, potential for snow/wind damage, and moderate coastal flooding. The greatest threat for major infrastructure damage is first and foremost on Cape Cod and the Islands and East Coastal Massachusetts. With Blizzard Warnings now expanded to much of Eastern Massachusetts, there is now a risk for severe and possibly damaging conditions well inland even into parts of Western Massachusetts and that threat will need to be monitored. Once the storm begins, travel will rapdily deteroriate and become potentially life-threatening across the region.

For the standby mobilization, we ask all ARES members to go to their nearest SKYWARN repeater and relay reports of snowfall, wind damage etc. for NWS Taunton. If you are a capable net control or liaison, offer your services in that capacity to help SKYWARN Net Controls. Please see the Blizzard Coordination Message to be posted on the EMa ARES web site and via the SKYWARN email list tomorrow morning for the final email update on SKYWARN Operations.

Given the potential for travel to be paralyzed, any type of ARESMAT or ARES mobilization for shelters that might occur if conditions are bad enough may wait until later in the day Sunday or even Monday. Keep that in mind if such mobilzation is needed. Have your Go Kit prepared and ready to go and any battery operated equipment or generators for home used prepared and ready to use in case the storm warrants use of such equipment. Please stay in touch via Amateur Radio by going to your local SKYWARN Repeater during the event or ARES/RACES repeater once we are in the recovery phase of the storm.”

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