USS Salem RC: “Very Few Volunteers” At Present

K1USN QSL cardBill O Hara, N1EY, writes:

We need people to help out the Scouting Program. We have very few volunteers. I have only three persons scheduled including myself. Radio Room 5 shall be open at the bare minimum on April 9th.

Anyone welcome to checking out the radio room and its operations should come by on the 9th. Pi K1RV shall be giving tours.

We require help every weekend. This should not be news to any club members. I shouldn’t even have to put an email in the manner that JC did every week.
I think that people should hold themselves accountable and be responsible. Other individuals arrive every week and work to man other stations such as CIC, sickbay, gunnery, engine rooms, or act as tour guides.

If we are truly interested in maintaining this ship, then people should be showing up.

April 9th – 225 scouts
April 16th – 85 scouts
April 23rd – 50 scouts morning; 155 scouts afternoon
April 30th – 203 scouts
May 7th – 170 scouts
May 14th – 225 scouts
May 21st – 225 scouts
June 4th – 177 scouts
June 11th – 210 scouts

This is the primary source of revenue to pay for badly needed repairs to the ship. Few club members are helping out. W1BT works very hard and is at the ship many times during the week to keep the juice running.

We also have not handled other club tasks such as getting the transmitters in RR 2 up to sniff and scratch standards. Nor we have done anything like getting a working teletype circuit.

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