Lightship Nantucket To Be Activated for International Lightship/Lighthouse Weekend, August 19, 2018

Mike Rioux, W1USN and Bob Reiser, AA1M, will operate onboard the Lightship Nantucket on Sunday, August 19 as part of International Lightship/Lighthouse Weekend.    “Anyone who is interested in operating or just coming down to check the ship out is welcome.  Bring friends if you like and we’ll give a tour,” …

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USS Massachusetts “Big Mamie” 77th Birthday Special Event Operation, September 22, 2018

The USTNR (Uncommon Service To Nautical Radio) club will operate from the USS Massachusetts museum ship at Battleship Cove in Fall River on September 22, from 0900-1500 or 1400Z-2000Z.    “We will be celebrating the 77th birthday of ‘Big Mamie’ operating as NE1PL,” according to USTNR trustee Rick Emord, KB1TEE. QSL information can …

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K1USN RC International Museum Ships Weekend Wrap-up

USS Lawence/ K1USN QSL card“Pi” Pugh, K1RV writes on K1USN RC list:

The 2011 International Museum Ships Weekend was a resounding success!

We had quite a group of operators, helpers and visitors last weekend and we were able to make close to 1000 contacts with 46 states, 31 DXCC countries and 24 participating Museum Ships! The K1USN QSL requests are already pouring in! We hope to have our new cards printed ASAP.

We arrived at 7 PM Friday evening to get the HF stations ready to go. We ran the Yaesu FT-920 and 500 watt Ameritron Amplifier on 20 meters into the Sommer yagi. It performed flawlessly.

We decided to use the Kenwood TS-690-S into the G5RV antenna as our second station and concentrated on 40 meters.

We had over 250 contacts before shutting down for the night at 11:30PM.

Many of the K1USN crew went to Jamies in Braintree at 7 AM for breakfast before heading over to operate. Saturday morning we had both stations operational throughout the day and continued to rack up contacts. Although we did some operating on 17, 15 and 6 meters we pretty much stuck to the “bread n’ butter” bands of 20 and 40 meters.

Special thanks goes to Warren, WA1YKF, for doing a fine job preparing the ends of our hardline cable run to give us the option of using the R-5 vertical which is mounted on the phone pole at the lower end of the parking lot. This enabled us to add a third HF station using the IC-746-PRO and R-5. As an added bonus we found that six meters was open on Saturday and the R-5 loaded quite well on that band, too.

BTW, we were able to work a number of old friends including several who spent many hours operating with us during previous MSW events onboard the USS Salem. Bruce, K1HTN and Norm, WA1DBR as well as former USS Salem crew member, Radar, N2GDY.

We were unable to get our vintage station operational this year, but we already have plans for some station improvements by W1EKG and KB1IIU. BTW, Bill has offered to supply a watertight box for completing the hardline installation.

We had a total of 976 contacts with 262 on CW and the rest on SSB.

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K1USN To Operate In JOTA Oct. 21

Watson Library, photo courtesy K1USN RC web siteMembers of the K1USN Radio Club plan to operate W1BSA during the upcoming Jamboree On The Air on Oct. 21, according to Harold “Pi” Pugh, K1RV.

“This should be a good opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities as well as introducing people to the Thomas Watson Library and Research Center,” writes Pi. “We have made a lot of progress getting K1USN back on the air and want everyone to see how it looks.”

[See also: USS Salem RC Has A New Home At Watson Library]

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K1USN To Hold Open House, August 5

K1USN stationThe K1USN Radio Club will participate in an open house event on Saturday, August 5th from 10 AM-2 PM at the Watson Library and Research Center on Quincy Avenue in Braintree. Light refreshments will be served. The Braintree Historical Society plans to show area residents the progress made with renovations at the Center. The official grand opening should take place during the month of September.

According to K1USN’s Harold L. “Pi” Pugh, Jr., K1PV, “All are welcome to attend and we plan to have K1USN on the air for some HF and VHF demonstrations at our new location.” Pi invites all interested parties to drop by and say hello and/or operate.

For more information, visit

[See also: USS Salem RC Has A New Home At Watson Library]

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USS Salem Radio Club K1USN QRT

Sunday, August 07, 2005 Quincy, MA

Members of the USS Salem Radio Club were allowed to remove their radio equipment from onboard the Heavy Cruiser, USS Salem yesterday. An agreement was reached with United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum Board Chairman, James Sheets, six weeks after being denied access to their equipment by the current Executive Director.

Twenty-five club members from around the South Shore spent several hours dismantling, packing and removing their club station, K1USN, which had been onboard since 1997. During the past eight years club members had spent thousands of volunteer hours demonstrating Amateur Radio to several thousand visitors enabling many Scouts to speak with stations as far away as McMurdo Station, Antarctica.
Club members also originated the International Museum Ships Weekend. This annual radio event takes place during mid July and has grown to include participation from more that 80 other Museum Ships from around the world. Radio Amateurs activate the radio rooms onboard to help bring much deserved recognition to these vessels, their crews and current volunteer staff. Some clubs will even transmit using original WWII vintage transmitters. The club was unable to participate during this year’s event.

Members of the Battleship New Jersey, NJ2BB, Radio Club, in Camden, NJ
( ) have now volunteered to sponsor the International Museum Ships Weekend.

Club members would also activate the K1USN club station during Veterans Day, Memorial Day and other patriotic celebrations. Members also manned a display booth at the Marshfield Fair and had distributed USS Salem informational literature to operators throughout the world in addition to maintaining a club website ( ).

Terms of the agreement with the USNSM call for the club to relinquish use of the name “USS Salem”. The club will be renamed the K1USN Radio Club.

Information about future club activities can be obtained by contacting the Club Trustee at

Harold Pugh Trustee K1USN RADIO CLUB
78 Temple St.
Abington, MA 02351

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K1USN National Military Appreciation Special Event, May 28, 2005

K1USN Military Appreciation Month QSL cardThe USS Salem Radio Club (K1USN) will operate on the air to celebrate National Military Appreciation Month on Saturday, May 28, 2005 from 1100 UTC to 2200 UTC.

According to Bob “Whitey” Doherty, K1VV, the event “recognizes and honors the United States Armed Forces and the dedicated service of its members.”

K1USN will use the following frequencies (kHz) and modes:

SSB: 3860, 7260, 14260, 18160, 21360, 24960, 28360, 50160
CW: 3539, 7039, 10109, 14039, 18079, 21039, 24899, 28039, 50109

Look for K1USN also on IRLP Node 4320, 145.39 Mhz Scituate, MA repeater and Echolink node NS1N-R 443.600 Mhz. (Note: The Scituate repeater may be connected to the New England Network so try connecting to reflector 9877.)

DX stations may QSL via the W1 Bureau; stateside QSL is via K1USN at the or callbook address. Stations are requested to use a self-addressed, stamped envelope. For further information, contact Pi, K1RV, at

[See also: Congressional Resolution #328 and Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day.]

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USS Salem RC: “Very Few Volunteers” At Present

K1USN QSL cardBill O Hara, N1EY, writes:

We need people to help out the Scouting Program. We have very few volunteers. I have only three persons scheduled including myself. Radio Room 5 shall be open at the bare minimum on April 9th.

Anyone welcome to checking out the radio room and its operations should come by on the 9th. Pi K1RV shall be giving tours.

We require help every weekend. This should not be news to any club members. I shouldn’t even have to put an email in the manner that JC did every week.
I think that people should hold themselves accountable and be responsible. Other individuals arrive every week and work to man other stations such as CIC, sickbay, gunnery, engine rooms, or act as tour guides.

If we are truly interested in maintaining this ship, then people should be showing up.

April 9th – 225 scouts
April 16th – 85 scouts
April 23rd – 50 scouts morning; 155 scouts afternoon
April 30th – 203 scouts
May 7th – 170 scouts
May 14th – 225 scouts
May 21st – 225 scouts
June 4th – 177 scouts
June 11th – 210 scouts

This is the primary source of revenue to pay for badly needed repairs to the ship. Few club members are helping out. W1BT works very hard and is at the ship many times during the week to keep the juice running.

We also have not handled other club tasks such as getting the transmitters in RR 2 up to sniff and scratch standards. Nor we have done anything like getting a working teletype circuit.

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USS Salem Scouting Program “In Danger Of Collapse”

K1USN QSL cardThe scouting activities aboard the USS Salem in Quincy are in danger of collapse. This, according to Harold “Pi” Pugh, K1RV, in the wake of the resignation of USS Salem Scout Coordinator “JC” Cunningham, W1AI.

Despite numerous pleas for ham assistance, Cunningham and company have been unable to recruit any new volunteers. Wrote Cunningham, “I received zero volunteers, so I have cancelled all K1USN activities on the USS Salem for tomorrow (3/12/2005). I hereby resign as Scout Coordinator!”Pugh, who coordinated the program prior to Cunningham, praised W1AI’s efforts. “I want to personally thank J.C. for all his hard work during the past several years maintaining this program! …I know how difficult it can be to keep up the momentum.”

“We have had a wonderful time during the past eight years running the International Museum Ships Weekend and other K1USN operations,” added Pugh. “These have helped draw much deserved attention to the USS Salem, but those activities may not be enough to keep K1USN ‘afloat.’ On more than one occasion we have been threatened with eviction from the ship if we can’t find a way to regularly assist the Overnight Scouting Program.”

Pugh stated the group now has an “immediate need” for someone to step forward to become the new Scouting Coordinator. He added that the group can give the next coordinator all the training he or she needs to get started.

“As J.C. has stated in the past, the Scouting Coordinator does NOT have to live nearby the ship. All the main duties can be handled by e-mail and phone.”

Concluded K1RV: “We need to find a way to get some more of the hams in Eastern Massachusetts to want to help save this program.”

Amateurs in Eastern MA are encouraged to forward this message to anyone who might be interested in salvaging the USS Salem’s Overnight Scouting Program.

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USS Salem Scouting Schedule

USS Salem ARCJC Cunningham, W1AI writes:

I sent a message last week asking whether we should shut down the K1USN scouting program. The responses were quite underwhelming. I got responses from about 10 people, including 2 who actually volunteered to help with the scouts. We lost about 4 subscribers to the list as a result of my message.

Everyone – if you want to see this program continue, email me this week volunteering to help with one or more of the following sessions. If you really want to see the scouting program continue, also forward this message to other hams in Eastern Mass.

Saturday morning 5 March….(24 scouts expected) [1 volunteer so far; 1 more would be nice]

Saturday afternoon 5 March….(158 scouts expected) [1 volunteer so far; 3 more needed]

Saturday morning 12 March…(40 scouts expected) [2 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 12 March…..(154 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday morning 19 March…..(100 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 19 March……(164 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 26 March…..(24 scouts expected) [2 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 2 April…(215 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 9 April….(225 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 16 April….(85 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday morning 23 April….(50 scouts expected) [3 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 23 April……(155 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 30 April….(203 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 7 May…(170 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 14 May …(225 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 21 May…(225 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 4 June….(177 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

Saturday afternoon 11 June….(210 scouts expected) [4 volunteers needed]

All morning sessions are from 9:30am to 10:30am on Saturday. All afternoon sessions are from 3pm till 6pm on Saturday. Volunteers should plan on arriving 30 minutes early to help with setup, and staying a few minutes late to help with cleanup.

No experience is necessary. Our experienced volunteers will show you what needs to be done. There are jobs for no-code Techs and even unlicensed individuals!

Here’s the deal. This message is going out to almost 100 subscribers. If I get 30 or more person-session signups as a result of this message, I will assume that there is still interest in this program, and I will commit to acting as volunteer coordinator until June 30. If I do not, then I will resign as volunteer coordinator and shut down the program until such a time as someone else decides to start it up again.

Your response to this message determines whether we introduce 2656 scouts to amateur radio over the next 4 months, or shut down the K1USN scouting program.

You decide.


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USS Salem Volunteers Needed, Feb. 12, 2005

USS Salem ARCJ.C. Cunningham, W1AI writes on

What if we had an opportunity to demonstrate amateur radio to 73 youngsters – the potential next generation of hams – and nobody showed up?

I still need volunteers for Saturday, 2/12/2005, from 3pm to 6pm, to demonstrate amateur radio to scouts visiting the USS Salem.

Please email me at if you can help! If I do not have at least 3 more volunteers by Friday morning, I will be forced to cancel again! We’ve been doing that a lot recently! Let’s not let another group of scouts down this weekend!

No prior experience is necessary. We can train you!

Live too far away from Quincy, MA? You can still help! I’m looking for someone to take over the task of volunteer coordinator. No prior experience on the USS Salem is required. We can train you! All you need is reliability and good people skills!


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USS Salem ARC: QRV For Scouting!

K1USN QSL cardJC Cunningham, W1AI writes:

The USS Salem K1USN radio club is going to be busy with the scouting program in the coming months:

* Sat Jan 22 – 25 scouts in the afternoon
* Sat Feb 12 – 73 scouts in the afternoon
* Sat Mar 5 – 68 scouts in the morning and 160-190 in the afternoon
* Sat Mar 12 – 40 scouts in the morning and 172 in the afternoon
* Sat Mar 19 – 100 scouts in the morning and 119 in the afternoon

What are you going to do to help?

Several people have expressed disappointment that the scouting activities are always on Saturdays, when they are unavailable for a variety of reasons. Well, there’s one activity that needs to be done during the week (either days or evenings). That’s the job of volunteer coordinator. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now, and I’m ready to pass the torch. I plan to stay active with the scouting program, but primarily in the role of occasional volunteer.

What you need to do this job is:

* Good organizational skills
* Good communication skills
* The ability to get along with people

What the job entails:

* Find out from the ship what scouting events are coming up
* Send emails (and/or make phone calls) to get volunteers
* Send more urgent emails (and/or make phone calls) if your first email doesn’t raise enough volunteers
* Make sure that enough people, with sufficient USS Salem experience, have volunteered to get the job done
* Letting the ship know by Friday morning what our participation will be
* Send a final email letting everyone know what will or won’t be happening

The volunteer coordinator does not ever have to go to the ship. In fact, this is a job that could just as well be done from Hawaii as Massachusetts! (Know that would be my preference!) That makes it perfect for people who want to help out, but who live a long ways from Quincy!

Please contact me to volunteer, or if you need more information.

JC Cunningham, W1AI

Outgoing USS Salem K1USN Radio Club Scouting Program Volunteer Coordinator

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SEMARA Receives Donation of DVD Programs

SEMARA logoThe library at the Southeastern MA ARA is about to get a whole lot more interesting, thanks to the efforts of Bob “Whitey” Doherty, K1VV. Doherty is donating a set of DVDs with ham-related materials to the club’s library for use by its members. Doherty has personally produced and created many of the titles himself.

“Over the last couple of years, we have put together a number of video DVDs. We’ve donated some to the ARRL. They sell them on their web page.” Doherty adds, “We receive no compensation for this, nor do we expect any.”

K1VV says some of the DVD programs have been shown on Braintree cable television.

The set includes:

* New England Museum of Wireless and Steam
* International Lighthouse Weekend
* Real Radio Ft Burnside RI W1NZR Military Radio equipment.
* Marconi 100th Anniversary Cape Cod, January 18,2003
* FISTS CW Event on the USS Salem Quincy, Ma.
* South Shore Fox Hunters’ Association
* STEAM UP at the New England Museum of Wireless and Steam
* JOTA- Scouts Jamboree On the Air, Cape Cod, Ma.
* SET- Simulated Emergency Test Bridgewater, Ma.
* BPL – Broadband Over Power Lines
* ARRL – Trip and tour of the American Radio Relay League Newington, Ct.
* The Mighty 4 Watter – CQ Magazine April 1956 rebuilt Tube QRP rig
* 1934 Collins 30FX Transmitter Restoration by Don K1DC
* Museum Ships Event – USS Salem Quincy, Ma.
* DXCC – ARRL DX Century Club

In response to K1VV’s offer, another SEMARA club member has donate a new DVD player to the club.

Thanks, SEMARA Mailing List

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