NE1PL QRV from USS Massachusetts, September 19, 2020

NE1PL QSL cardRick Emord, KB1TEE, wites:

The [Uncommon Service to Naval Radio] Group, NE1PL, will be operating today on the USS Massachusetts–two HF stations and one 2-meter station on the Massasoit Amateur Radio Association’s  repeater, 147.180, PL 67, from 1000-1600. Come on the air and give us a shout.

[Located in Battleship Cove in Fall River, the USS Massachusetts (BB-59), known as “Big Mamie” to her crew members during World War II, was a battleship of the second South Dakota class. She was the seventh ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of the sixth state, and one of two ships of her class (along with her sister Alabama) to be donated for use as a museum ship. Massachusetts has the distinction of having fired the US Navy’s first and last 16-inch (406 mm) shells of the war. -ed.]

Local Area Activity for Museum Ships Weekend, June 1-2, 2019

The USS Cassin Young, WW2DD, will be among the museum ship stations on the air for Museum Ships Weekend. Mike Rioux, W1USN, and Bob Reiser, AA1M, will activate the famous Fletcher-class destroyer, DD-793. According to Wikipedia, the Cassin Young served as a part of the Fast Carrier Task Force. On April 28, 1944, this force sortied for air attacks on Japanese strongholds at Truk, Woleai, Satawan, and Ponape, during which Cassin Young operated as a picket ship, assigned to warn her group of possible enemy counterattack. The ship is on permanent loan to the National Park Service. She is berthed at the Boston Navy Yard, part of the Boston National Historical Park in Charlestown.

Henry Brown, K1WCC, plans to activate the German Seehund Midget Submarine U-5075 as WW2MAN. According to its QRZ page, the Seehund is located at the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum Massachusetts Military Research Center in Quincy. Seehund means “seal.”  It was the most successful of several German attempts to perfect a midget submarine. Operated by two men and carrying two underslung torpedoes, the Seehund was used very effectively in the waning months of World War II, sinking over 120,000 tons of allied shipping. 

Rick Emord, KB1TEE and crew will be activating the USS Massachusetts from Battleship Cove in Fall River using the callsign NE1PL.  The USS Massachusetts (BB-59), known as “Big Mamie” to her crew members during World War II, was a battleship of the second South Dakota class. She was the seventh ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of the sixth state, and one of two ships of her class (along with her sister Alabama) to be donated for use as a museum ship. Massachusetts has the distinction of having fired the US Navy’s first and last 16-inch (406 mm) shells of the war.

Watch for all of these ships on the Cluster.

USS Cassin Young/ WW2DD


NE1PL QSL card

K1USN QRV for Museum Ships Weekend, May 31-June 2, 2019

Pi Pugh, K1RV, writes:
As of today there are now 106 ships/museums listed as active participants and K1USN will be on the air beginning Friday evening, May 31st at 0000 UTC (8:00 PM EDST).  Check out the list at
We want to stay on the air as much as possible during the entire 48 hour weekend event. Operators are needed to help keep our three HF stations on the air. We are looking for operators for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Drop me a note at Please let me know if you are available to spend some time during the weekend.
Remember that K1USN was the originator of this fantastic operating event that is now sponsored by the crew onboard the Battleship New Jersey. They have done a wonderful job promoting this event and continue to issue special certificates to stations that manage to work 15 participants during the weekend.

You can check out the current list of ships/museums on their website –


USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. NB1CR, QRV for Museum Ships on the Air, June 1-2, 2019

Ed Fitzgerald, K1DIN, writes on the Algonquin ARC mailing list:
There are roughly fifteen days before the AARC will send operating teams to put the Destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. on the air for the 2019 Museum Ships weekend June 1 and 2. Ship museums from all over the world will have ham operators on ships of all kinds for this special event. Hams all over the world will be contacting as many ships as they can and collecting QSL cards from each. As of this writing, there are 104 ships are listed for the event. For a list and full details:
AARC will operate on 40, 20, 17. (No points for same ship on different bands.) Join the fun.
As team participants, we do occasionally get pile ups and dead spots, but, we also get to chat with “Tin Can Sailors” who served on ships in Fall River and elsewhere. And, of course, there are the excited first timers who really want to tell us that we are their “Number 30” and, certainly, we enjoy contacting the other ships on the air.
The Radio Room on the JPK, Jr. is big enough to house three stations comfortably. Normally, at his time of the year, we have two of our bands open at the same time most of our relatively short days. We try to operate from 10-4 on Saturday and 10-3 on Sunday (need to be packed up and out the gate by 5 on both days). Teams have been meeting at the Middle School at 8 AM to pool as much as possible to Battleship Cove each day. We enter the Cove all at the same time.
Team size each day usually ranges from 3 to 6 so that loggers (hand logging) and operators can swap duties. So far, most operators have preferred to do their own logging.
If you would like to be part of a team, please let me know what day or days you can attend, and I will get back to you to confirm. 
I will send a sheet to team members with specifics about the trip (route, operating procedure, etc.) when I complete the roster for each day.
(BTW: You can bring your own food for lunch and snacks, but there is food concession in the mess hall on the USS Massachusetts.
(There will be a local radio club operating from the USS Massachusetts.)
774 245-2788

Lightship Nantucket To Be Activated for International Lightship/Lighthouse Weekend, August 19, 2018

Nantucket LightshipMike Rioux, W1USN and Bob Reiser, AA1M, will operate onboard the Lightship Nantucket on Sunday, August 19 as part of International Lightship/Lighthouse Weekend
“Anyone who is interested in operating or just coming down to check the ship out is welcome.  Bring friends if you like and we’ll give a tour,” says Bob.
If you need info or directions, email Bob, AA1M, at
International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (ILLW) began  in 1998 as the Scottish Northern Lights Award sponsored by the Ayr Amateur Radio Group. ILLW is a popular Amateur Radio event that takes place on the third full weekend in August each year. It attracts over 500 lighthouse entries in over 40 countries.

USS Massachusetts “Big Mamie” 77th Birthday Special Event Operation, September 22, 2018

NE1PL QSL cardThe USTNR (Uncommon Service To Nautical Radio) club will operate from the USS Massachusetts museum ship at Battleship Cove in Fall River on September 22, from 0900-1500 or 1400Z-2000Z. 
“We will be celebrating the 77th birthday of ‘Big Mamie’ operating as NE1PL,” according to USTNR trustee Rick Emord, KB1TEE. QSL information can be found on the “Contacts” page of the USTNR website . 
Rick says this is the first time they are commemorating the famous battleship’s anniversary. He “hopes to continue long into the future.” 

Eastern MA Stations Active for Museum Ships Weekend, June 2-3, 2018

“Pi” Pugh, K1RV writes:

“As of today there are now 106 ships/museums listed as active participants and the K1USN Radio Club will join them for the Museum Ships Weekend beginning Friday evening, June 2 at 0000 UTC (8:00 PM EDT).  Check out the list here –

 “We want to be on the air as much as possible during the entire 48-hour weekend event. Operators are needed to help keep [K1USN’s] three HF stations on the air. Please let me know if you are available to spend some time during the weekend. Remember that K1USN was the originator of this fantastic operating event that is now sponsored by the crew onboard the Battleship New Jersey. They have done a wonderful job promoting this event and continue to issue special certificates to stations that manage to work 15 participants during the weekend.

“I wish to remind everyone that Museum Ships Weekend is NOT an actual contest. There will be operating time available for operators with all skill levels. Due to the large number of anticipated contacts (1000+ in 2017) we do all logging using N1MM+ logging software. It’s quite simple to use and we will be happy to offer instructions.”

Additionally, look for other local museum ship stations on the bands:

Maritime Radio Day, April 14-15, 2018

“Whitey” Doherty, K1VV writes:

Maritime Radio Day is held annually to remember the nearly 90 years of wireless service for seafarers. Since its beginning in 1900, Maritime Radio was in use mainly until the end of 1999.

The MRD is open to all Amateur Radio Stations. Special stations (like Coastal radios and ship’s call signs) can participate to the MRD only if operated by former Commercial or Navy operators, or by radio technicians who worked in the installation and/or maintenance of naval equipments.

If you are a former Merchant Marine Radio Operator or former ship’s Electronic Technician please subscribe to this event automatically trough the following website or by communicating your Amateur Radio callsign and last ship of last coast radio you served to R/O Rolf Marschner at:

We must to push many colleagues to take part at our yearly Event, last year like in the past edition there has been a massive participation with many colleagues not included in the list of participants and it has been a very nice surprise against any prevision. There are still many Countries not reached by information about our Event and from U.S.A. and Far East – Unfortunately – still very few stations. Radio Officers are the men spent their lives in front a receiver watching 500 kHz and sending messages of any kind, our Category has gone but we know many aspects of radio waves and we cannot refuse to look forward to confirm the radio is still alive and in good health, the problem perhaps is another, there are many reasons to kill the radio and they are not properly justified by true facts but only using the famous word “OBSOLETE” we hear everyday and everywhere for promoting the consumption of technological toys such as Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets and so on.

Morse Code, the main language used by Radio Officers on ships and at shore, has been the sole international language that granted for a century radio communications at sea, nowadays used by many amateurs radio needs to be protected against the interference due to Hi-tech products and web communications, the Radio World is made at first of Morse communications and the code is easy to learn also if the tendency is to send and receive Morse with computer… the worst way to take practice of the code, the code is not a digital mode it is a “very special human way” to establish a communication between two points of the earth with no wires and no computer, just a small, old and used radio and a wire dipole or at least a piece of wire.


MRD Staff

Rules, Procedure and Certificate of partecipation

All traffic must to be done around the following International Naval Frequencies on Amateur Radio Bands (morse code)

1824 kHz

3520 kHz

7020 kHz

10118 kHz

14052 kHz

21052 kHz

28052 kHz

The Main working frequency is 14052 kHz plus or minus some kc/s. The WARC bands are NOT USED for MRD with exception of 30 meters band.

To give everyone a fair chance of having a QSO during the MRD, and because 14052 kHz is the most common calling frequency, it is suggested that we have a small band edge from 14055 to 14058 kHz  for DX and QRP stations. It is also suggested that instead of calling CQ in “Contest Mode”, we give adequate time for weaker stations to be heard and listen  especially for DX contacts.
So please use the band suggested as watching band reserved to radio stations in far distances.

– Date14th April 12.00 GMT 15th April 22.00 GMT

– Bands: 160m, 80m, 40m, 30 m, 20m, 15m & 10m

– Mode: CW only

– Power: not limited

– QSO: Exchange QSA, QRK, name, callsign of last or favorite ship / aircraft / maintance company  QSA 1 .. 5, strength of receive signal QRK 1 .. 5, readability and additionally a tr, msg and/or a qtc if you like

– Silence Periods: need no longer be observed

– Deadline for submission of MRD logs is 1st of May.

– Certificate of participation ( CoP): SWL’s – send a complete log to be able to verify qso data by selection. Licenced operators – send a postcard / letter or e-mail with number of QSOs with – ship stations – coast stations – special stations – other Amateurs contacted. Send your application with data and your email address to : Rolf MarschnerNarzissenweg 10 53359 RheinbachGermanyor via e-mail: dl9cm@t-online.deCertificate is only available by e-mail!

– QSL cards: Each participant manages their own QSL cards. There is no QSL manager.

– General Comment: Coastal radios and ship’s callsigns should be operated only by former Commercial or Navy operators and from radio technicians who worked in the brand of installation and in the maintenance of coastal and ship’s radios equipments and antennas.

Procedure” Example QSO :

cq mrd cq mrd cq mrd de dl9cm dl9cm dl9cm k

dl9cm de ik6ijf gm rolf QSA5 QRK 5 hr is alfredo shipname/icjr or last ship was icjr k

ik6ijf de dl9cm gm alfredo QSA 5 QRK 5 op rolf shipname/dlcm or last ship was dlcm ik6ijf de dl9cm tnx 73 .-.- or put details in a telegram like this : Origin nr xx ck zz date time = address = qsa x qrk y shipname call = signature+ or similar.

The above are only examples . You may send different content, but the least you must include are QSA, name, ship’s call sign or progressive number if you are only amateur! To subscribe free your participation at the next Maritime Radio Day send an e-mail to R/O Rolf MARSCHNER: or automatically subscription is possible and preferred on the following website:

NE1PL QRV for Museum Ships On The Air, USS Massachusetts, June 1-3, 2018

NE1PL QSL cardThe USS Massachusetts will be activated as NE1PL in Battleship Cove, Fall River on June 1-3, 2018 for Museum Ships on the Air, according to Uncommon Service to Nautical Radio club trustee Rick Emord, KB1TEE.

Emord invites anyone who is interested in operating the station aboard the museum ship to please contact him at <>. In addition to radio operators, USNR is seeking people to help log contacts, speak to guests, and other duties.

Visit <> for updates on operations.

Special Event Station W1MGY to Commemorate 103rd Anniversary of HMS Titanic Sinking

Special Events Station W1MGY, April 14, 2017
Special events operation in April, 2017. Photo courtesy @kathyschrock

Special events station W1MGY will operate at the old Coast Guard Station in Eastham on Cape Cod from April 12th until 1:46 AM April 15th to commemorate the tragic loss of the HMS Titanic.

This event is sponsored by the Titanic / Marconi Memorial Radio Association of Cape Cod and hosted by the Cape Cod National Seashore. It will be open to the public on Saturday, April 14th.

“We still have some time slots open (four hours each). If you live in the area and would like to participate in this historical event, drop me a note and I place you on our e-mail list and let you know what time slots are open.” (Info via KB1TLR, W1MGY trustee)

W1BSA Aboard the USS Massachusetts, April 28, 2018

USS Massachusetts, Battleship Cove
USS Massachusetts, Battleship Cove

Rick Emord, KB1TEE and other members of the Massasoit Amateur Radio Association  are planning a special events operation to commemorate the birth of the Boy Scouts of America aboard the USS Massachusetts on Saturday, April 28, 2018 using the call sign W1BSA.  The group conducted its first operation  aboard the museum ship in 2015.

MARA members and  amateurs from other area clubs will serve radiomen (operators) on the ship from 0900 until 1600.  In the past, the crew has activated six stations on the air for this event on 2, 10, 20, and 40 meters and CW on 80 meters using some of the ship’s original equipment.

K1USN RC International Museum Ships Weekend Wrap-up

USS Lawence/ K1USN QSL card“Pi” Pugh, K1RV writes on K1USN RC list:

The 2011 International Museum Ships Weekend was a resounding success!

We had quite a group of operators, helpers and visitors last weekend and we were able to make close to 1000 contacts with 46 states, 31 DXCC countries and 24 participating Museum Ships! The K1USN QSL requests are already pouring in! We hope to have our new cards printed ASAP.

We arrived at 7 PM Friday evening to get the HF stations ready to go. We ran the Yaesu FT-920 and 500 watt Ameritron Amplifier on 20 meters into the Sommer yagi. It performed flawlessly.

We decided to use the Kenwood TS-690-S into the G5RV antenna as our second station and concentrated on 40 meters.

We had over 250 contacts before shutting down for the night at 11:30PM.

Many of the K1USN crew went to Jamies in Braintree at 7 AM for breakfast before heading over to operate. Saturday morning we had both stations operational throughout the day and continued to rack up contacts. Although we did some operating on 17, 15 and 6 meters we pretty much stuck to the “bread n’ butter” bands of 20 and 40 meters.

Special thanks goes to Warren, WA1YKF, for doing a fine job preparing the ends of our hardline cable run to give us the option of using the R-5 vertical which is mounted on the phone pole at the lower end of the parking lot. This enabled us to add a third HF station using the IC-746-PRO and R-5. As an added bonus we found that six meters was open on Saturday and the R-5 loaded quite well on that band, too.

BTW, we were able to work a number of old friends including several who spent many hours operating with us during previous MSW events onboard the USS Salem. Bruce, K1HTN and Norm, WA1DBR as well as former USS Salem crew member, Radar, N2GDY.

We were unable to get our vintage station operational this year, but we already have plans for some station improvements by W1EKG and KB1IIU. BTW, Bill has offered to supply a watertight box for completing the hardline installation.

We had a total of 976 contacts with 262 on CW and the rest on SSB.

We worked 46 states missing only Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota and Wyoming.

Here is a list of the 31 DXCC countries worked: K United States VE Canada EA8 Canary Islands KP2 US Virgin Islands KP4 Puerto Rico TI Costa Rica HA Hungary DL Germany OE Austria V3 Belize UR Ukraine UA European Russia SP Poland I Italy EA6 Balearic Islands YO Roumania ZA Albania PA Netherlands ON Belgium V4 St Kitts YU Yugoslavia S5 Serbia UL Kazakhstan F France LX Luxembourg G England CU Portugal HP Panama EA Spain LZ Bulgaria SM Sweden

Here is a partial list of those who particIpated with us during MSW 2011. My apologies for any omissions.


Here is a list of the 24 participating ships we worked this year:

Please QSL each ship directly

USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier Corpus Christi, TX W5LEX

USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier Charleston , SC WA4USN

USS New Jersey Battleship Camden, New Jersey NJ2BB

USS Massachusetts Battleship Fall River, MA N1EPL

SS Willis B Boyer Bulk Carrier Toledo, OH W8WBB

HMS Belfast Cruiser London, UK GB2RN

USS Littlerock Cruiser Buffalo, New York W2PE

USS Turner Joy Destroyer Bremerton, WA NS7DD

USS Slater Destroyer Escort Albany, NY WW2DEM

USCGC Mackinaw Icebreaker Mackinaw, MI W8AGB

*LS Nantucket Lightship East Boston, MA W1NLS

*LS Overfalls (LV 118) Lightship Lewes, DE KB3MIP

*Carl D Bradley Limestone Carrier Rogers City, MI W8CDB

USS LST-325 LST Evansville, IN WW2LST

MS Atlantis Minesweeper Dresden, Germany DK0MHD

SS Keewatin Passenger Steamship Saugatuck, MI K8CJQ

U-5075 Seehund Submarine Quincy, MA. WW2MAN S637 Espadon Submarine Saint-Nazaire France F6KBG

U-995 Submarine Laboe Germany DL0DMB

USS Batfish Submarine Muskogee, OK WW2SUB HMCS Onondaga Submarine Rimouski, Quebec VA2GNQ

SS American Victory Victory Ship Tampa, Florida W4AVM

*SS Lane Victory Sat Only 1600 to 2200Z Victory Ship Los Angeles, CA W6LV

Naval Tech’l Museum La SPEZIA A.R.M.I. Italy II1ICS

One final word to mention the VE exams this Saturday at K1USN! Please contact Bill, K1WN ( if you want to take an exam.


Pi – K1RV

K1USN To Operate In JOTA Oct. 21

Watson Library, photo courtesy K1USN RC web siteMembers of the K1USN Radio Club plan to operate W1BSA during the upcoming Jamboree On The Air on Oct. 21, according to Harold “Pi” Pugh, K1RV.

“This should be a good opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities as well as introducing people to the Thomas Watson Library and Research Center,” writes Pi. “We have made a lot of progress getting K1USN back on the air and want everyone to see how it looks.”

[See also: USS Salem RC Has A New Home At Watson Library]

K1USN To Hold Open House, August 5

K1USN stationThe K1USN Radio Club will participate in an open house event on Saturday, August 5th from 10 AM-2 PM at the Watson Library and Research Center on Quincy Avenue in Braintree. Light refreshments will be served. The Braintree Historical Society plans to show area residents the progress made with renovations at the Center. The official grand opening should take place during the month of September.

According to K1USN’s Harold L. “Pi” Pugh, Jr., K1PV, “All are welcome to attend and we plan to have K1USN on the air for some HF and VHF demonstrations at our new location.” Pi invites all interested parties to drop by and say hello and/or operate.

For more information, visit

[See also: USS Salem RC Has A New Home At Watson Library]

USS Salem Radio Club K1USN QRT

Sunday, August 07, 2005 Quincy, MA

Members of the USS Salem Radio Club were allowed to remove their radio equipment from onboard the Heavy Cruiser, USS Salem yesterday. An agreement was reached with United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum Board Chairman, James Sheets, six weeks after being denied access to their equipment by the current Executive Director.

Twenty-five club members from around the South Shore spent several hours dismantling, packing and removing their club station, K1USN, which had been onboard since 1997. During the past eight years club members had spent thousands of volunteer hours demonstrating Amateur Radio to several thousand visitors enabling many Scouts to speak with stations as far away as McMurdo Station, Antarctica.
Club members also originated the International Museum Ships Weekend. This annual radio event takes place during mid July and has grown to include participation from more that 80 other Museum Ships from around the world. Radio Amateurs activate the radio rooms onboard to help bring much deserved recognition to these vessels, their crews and current volunteer staff. Some clubs will even transmit using original WWII vintage transmitters. The club was unable to participate during this year’s event.

Members of the Battleship New Jersey, NJ2BB, Radio Club, in Camden, NJ
( ) have now volunteered to sponsor the International Museum Ships Weekend.

Club members would also activate the K1USN club station during Veterans Day, Memorial Day and other patriotic celebrations. Members also manned a display booth at the Marshfield Fair and had distributed USS Salem informational literature to operators throughout the world in addition to maintaining a club website ( ).

Terms of the agreement with the USNSM call for the club to relinquish use of the name “USS Salem”. The club will be renamed the K1USN Radio Club.

Information about future club activities can be obtained by contacting the Club Trustee at

Harold Pugh Trustee K1USN RADIO CLUB
78 Temple St.
Abington, MA 02351

Historic LST Museum Ship Arrives in Boston

LST-325 with amateur station WW2LST, photo #1 by N1VUXLST-325 with amateur station WW2LST, photo #2 by N1VUXThe museum ship LST-325 arrived yesterday in Charlestown Navy Yard, saluted by tugboats (photo, left) and accompanied by a Coast Guard vessel (right).

The ship–a 327-foot World War II vessel designed to transport and deploy tanks and troops during coastal beach landings–is equipped with an Amateur Radio station, WW2LST. She will be in port for four days at the Yard before sailing to New York City.

Photos courtesy N1VUX

See also:
“LST-325 On Historic Cruise To Massachusetts”
“USS LST Ship Memorial – 2005 Voyage”

K1USN National Military Appreciation Special Event, May 28, 2005

K1USN Military Appreciation Month QSL cardThe USS Salem Radio Club (K1USN) will operate on the air to celebrate National Military Appreciation Month on Saturday, May 28, 2005 from 1100 UTC to 2200 UTC.


According to Bob “Whitey” Doherty, K1VV, the event “recognizes and honors the United States Armed Forces and the dedicated service of its members.”


K1USN will use the following frequencies (kHz) and modes:

SSB: 3860, 7260, 14260, 18160, 21360, 24960, 28360, 50160
CW: 3539, 7039, 10109, 14039, 18079, 21039, 24899, 28039, 50109


Look for K1USN also on IRLP Node 4320, 145.39 Mhz Scituate, MA repeater and Echolink node NS1N-R 443.600 Mhz. (Note: The Scituate repeater may be connected to the New England Network so try connecting to reflector 9877.)


DX stations may QSL via the W1 Bureau; stateside QSL is via K1USN at the or callbook address. Stations are requested to use a self-addressed, stamped envelope. For further information, contact Pi, K1RV, at


[See also: Congressional Resolution #328 and Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day.]