Assistance For Boston’s 375th Birthday Ride 9/25

Boston ARC logoThe Boston Amateur Radio Club has been called upon to provide communications assistance for the Boston Bike Festival on September 25, 2005.

“We’ve been asked by the Mayor’s office to help out in a bicycle ride,” says Boston ARC’s Public Service chair Bob Salow, WA1IDA. “It is a major part of the (not well known) celebration of the 375th anniversary year of the founding of the City of Boston.”

Salow adds that the event is actually a series of bicycle rides conducted entirely in the city. “It represents an opportunity for us and ham radio to serve the community directly and be noticed.”

Event participants will interface with police, EMS, the administration, the media and the public. “It’s a great chance to show our stuff,” notes Salow.

Interested persons are urged to contact Bob Salow at or 508.650.9440.

—Boston ARC The SPARC, July 2005

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