Assistance For Blind Ham: Icom IC-775 Sought

Icom IC775A group of hams–including some Air Force MARS members in Massachusetts–are looking to help a blind amateur by locating a replacement for his IC-775 destroyed by a lightning hit.

Chuck Councilman, W1HIS and Phil McNamara, N1XTB are among those involved in the search for a replacement rig for Bob Thibert, W9ARV of Ormond Beach, Florida.

“We are helping Bob, W9ARV, a blind ham, to replace his Icom IC-775DSP which was irreparably damaged by lightning,” writes Stan Dicks, W4AG. “The 775 is not only a good radio; in addition, its optional voice synthesizer card does a very nice job of announcing the states/values of its settings/control variables.” Dicks says the undamaged voice-synthesizer card will be removed from W9ARV’s damaged 775 and installed in a replacement 775.

“If you are interested in selling your 775, please let me know how much you want for it. I will get the word to Bob or give you his phone number so you can contact him directly.” W4AG can be contacted via email at

Thanks, N1XTB

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