Emergency Kits Available from BJ’s

emergency kitThe popular wholesale chain BJ’s stocks 72 hour emergency kits, reports Carl Aveni, N1FY.

“[The kit] includes a three day supply of water, extra bags for storing more water, high energy food bars, a flashlight with batteries, a portable radio with batteries, plastic and tape for shielding windows, a rain poncho, small first aid kit, and a few other items I cannot remember,” writes Aveni, who is the Eastern MA District Emergency Coordinator for the South Shore.

According to N1FY, the kit is enclosed in an orange backpack. They can be found in the automotive section of BJ’s. “Not all stores seem to carry it–I noticed that the Avon store did not seem to have it, for instance.” He adds that the Taunton store carries the kit. The cost is around $30.

—Thanks, Massasoit ARA MARA News, September 2005 and N1FY

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