Boston ARC Combines Ice Cream FunFest, Amateur Radio Awareness Day PR

Boston ARC logoSeven members of the Boston Amateur Radio Club combined public service with public relations during the annual WGBH Ice Cream FunFest on September 17, 2005. According to BARC Public Service Chairman Bob Salow, WA1IDA, “Visitor attendance was better than in the heavy rain last year, but still modest. But we hams were ready to manage communications for parking, crowd safety and staff coordination.”

BARC sponsored a booth for Amateur Radio Public Awareness Day to meet and greet the visitors. Many people, including kids, stopped by with interest in ham radio. The booth was equipped with a code oscillator and a Morse chart, and certificates were awarded to kids who could learn to send their names.

—Thanks, Boston ARC’s The SPARC, October 2005

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