N1BLF To Retire From Question Pool Reading

Bob Zeida, N1BLFA North Dartmouth ham has received praise from the Minnesota-based Courage Center Handiham Program. Volunteer reader Bob Zeida, N1BLF has announced that he will retire from reading the FCC question pools beginning in 2006.

Zeida, who is also a member of the Southeastern MA Amateur Radio Association, has read all of the current pools on behalf of Handiham members. He is a familiar voice to many blind amateurs studying for their Technician, General, and Extra Class licenses.

“His measured, clear delivery is appreciated by those of us who must make our way through the huge number of questions during our studies,” writes Handiham Manager Pat Tice, WA0TDA. “We thank Bob for his wonderful service to Handiham members who listen to his reading around the world!”

Although N1BLF will not be reading the pools, he will continue reading the monthly magazine digests. Bob also reads for blind listeners via the Massachusetts Talking Information Center. —Thanks, Handiham World Weekly E-Letter, November 23-30, 2005

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