N1BLF CD Recordings for the Blind

Bob Zeida, N1BLFAn Eastern Massachusetts ham continues his selfless work in the production of audio materials for visually impaired and blind amateurs across the country.

Bob Zeida, N1BLF, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts recently completed recording June, 2003 QST and WorldRadio. He has also created a three-disc CD set containing materials from ARRL’s Level I Emergency Communications Course manual for the Courage Center Handi-ham System. The audio material is available only to blind members via the website at: http://www.handiham.org.

In addition to the extensive library of ham radio recordings, Zeida also produces audio materials for the Talking Information Center based in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Zeida isn’t sure exactly how time he has devoted to all of his recordings, but he guesses it’s been “thousands and thousands of hours.”

Handi-ham volunteer instructors recognized the need for an audio version of the manual following the successful culmination of a week-long emergency communications course at the Handi-ham camp in Malibu, California. They approached Zeida, who was also a camp volunteer instructor. He enthusiastically agreed to work on the project.

[This website highlighted a recent article about N1BLF featured in South Coast Today entitled Reading For Those Who Can’t.]

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