Whitman ARC Assists At Winterfest

Whitman Winterfest 2005, photo_2Whitman Winterfest 2005, photo_1Members of the Whitman Amateur Radio Club provided communications support for the Town of Whitman Winterfest activities. Town citizens visited downtown Whitman to enjoy free ice cream and see tree lighting, wood- and ice-carving exhibits. Members of the Whitman Emergency Management Agency were also on-hand to assist, using handheld General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) transceivers.

Club members included N1FRE, N1SON and KB1MTW along with Bob Graves, who is studying for his Technician license.

Shown: ice sculpture; Ed Meehan (left), N1NTZ and Frank Hayes, N1OGP at the Whitman Emergency Operations Center. Photos courtesy Whitman ARC Spectrum, December 2005

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