Heavy Hitters Traffic Net To QSY To MMRA Network

leftleftBob DeMattia, K1IW, MMRA President writes:

Effective January 1, 2006, the Heavy Hitters Traffic Net, which is a National Traffic System affiliated net for passing formal written messages between hams and non-hams, will be operating nightly at 10PM on the Minuteman Repeater Association network. Their nets generally run about 30 minutes. The following repeaters will automatically link at 9:50 pm:

146.61, 146.67, 146.715, 146.820, 147.270, and all 222 and 440 repeaters.

The repeaters will return to their normal state at 11:50pm. On Tuesdays, the repeaters will link as they always have at 7:50 pm for the TIOS net, but will remain linked until 11:50pm.

Note that the 146.790 repeater in Weston will NOT link for HHTN, so it will remain on the previous schedule of 7:50 pm link, 9:50 pm unlink on Tuesdays only.

Although the net will not begin until January 1st, the scheduler setpoints have been programmed and the automatic linking will begin starting this evening. This gives us a week and one half to make sure
everything is running smoothly.

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