Chelmsford HS ARC Callsign: KB1NAY

Seal of the Town of ChelmsfordBryce Salmi, KB1LQC writes on PART-L:

“…As of January 23, 2006 the Chelmsford High School Amateur Radio Club has officially received the club call sign: KB1NAY.

We will use it tomorrow January 27, 2006 from around 9 AM or so. Due to finals at CHS we only have a few hours of school for testing though I am not sure on the exact time we will be on. I will try and let you know when I find out but we should be there past lunch at least. So or ARRL the call sign if you want!

We will mainly be on 20 meters voice and maybe a few other of the daytime bands, so keep an ear out for us using our brand spankin’ new call sign. You also have the chance to talk to some of the up and coming young amateur radio operators!

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