Run Of The Charles Ham Support Requested, April 30, 2006

Run Of The Charles photo, courtesy CRWA.orgBob Salow, WA1IDA writes:

The Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA) has again requested ham support for the Run of the Charles (ROTC) canoe races. Some administrative delays have caused time to be short and your prompt response will really help. Fortunately, the river and race conditions have not changed much in recent years. This event, like so many others in the Greater Boston area, has been coordinated by or through the Boston Amateur Radio Club. I manage the public service activities for the club.

We should all be aware of the critical nature of this event and the restrictions it imposes on the ham support. I intend to continue that concept. As I increase the number of hams needed to do this job, I plan to be selective of ham quality. To manage this I ask that you respond to the questions below as quickly and as accurately as you can. Email will be the primary means of communication between us. This year the ROTC will be on Sunday, 30 April 2006. Some assignments will begin as early as 0700, others somewhat later. As in the past, our duties are primarily safety and administrative at the dam portages, as well as shadows for key CRWA staff and at Net Control. A 2-meter, 5 watt hand-held is satisfactory. A dual-band radio is desirable, but not required. An antenna better than the “rubber duck” that came with the radio is essential because the riverside locations may make communications difficult. Be sure to have sufficient batteries to last the day. I will furnish you with assignments, more details and instructions as soon as the information is available.

As a ham event, this is an interesting and fun experience. The communication load is light, but that doesn’t begin to compare with the problems of handling canoes in a rushing river. The CRWA emphasizes safety and care for the participants, so wetness is frequent and accidents are few.

If you can help for this event, please respond with all of the following information as soon as possible. Reply by email is the best method.

Full name

On-air name

Call sign

Postal mailing address (including 9-digit ZIPcode)

Evening phone

Day phone

Cell phone

Email address

Does your 2-meter radio have CTCSS (PL)?

Do you have a dual-band radio?

Do you have a magnetic mount antenna?

T-shirt size

Also, with regard to this event, let me know your station preference(s), if any, and time of assignment desired. Note that we cannot assure you that all preferences can be granted. Depending on the responses received, there is a slight chance we cannot use all volunteers. Try to get back to me as quickly as you can.

If you know other hams who would meet the ROTC quality standards and are interested in this event, ask them to send the above information to me.


Bob Salow


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