Nashoba Valley ARC Assists Scouts With Radio Merit Badge

Nashoba Valley ARC members recently assisted a local scout troop in obtaining the Radio Merit Badge. Dan Rasmussen, the Troop 3 Scout Master from Groton contacted Stan, KD1LE asking for help with the Radio Merit Badge. On March 24, 2006 NVARC members helped Groton Troop 3 Scouts fulfill requirements for the Radio Merit Badge in Amateur Radio at KD1LE’s QTH.

Joel, W1JMM and Stan, KD1LE first put the Scouts on the air to satisfy one of the requirements. In various combinations the Scouts talked to Larry, KB1ESR and Dave, N1MNX/m on the six meter repeater. Some spoke with Ralph, KD1SM in Cambridge on the Boston two-meter repeater. Several spoke with Bob W1XP/4 at his North Carolina QTH.

After the on-the-air part, Joel and Stan covered the other requirements with a presentation explaining repeater operation, the various aspects of Amateur Radio, how to get licensed, QSL cards, the many operating aspects of Amateur Radio, emergency communications, public service and quite a few other requirements. After a question and answer session we went back to the “shack” to point out various pieces of equipment and its function. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

NVARC Signal, April 2006

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